What to Look for in a Meal Delivery Service


Every meal delivery service is different; unique in their menus, ingredients, weekly or monthly delivery services, and in their subscription times. Before you begin looking into which meal delivery service is most suitable to you, pull together some of the main qualities you’re seeking in the service. Doing this will help you quickly narrow down your list of meal plans to choose from. Aside from your own personal preferences of menu choices and delivery services, there are a couple other important things to look for when finalizing your decision on a meal delivery service.

The Background Check

Doing a little individual “background check”, or some research, on the business behind the meal delivery service can be super useful if you’re a new customer to the company, or new to meal delivery services in general. Checking out reviews from previous customers offers personal, first hand insight to someone else’s experience with the business. Reading reviews can also give you an idea of how the company reacted in response to customer’s complaints, if at all, and how they went about treating their customers during the process. Meal services with a lot of complaints and bad ratings are going to be ones to avoid, while those with higher ratings and a fair amount of positive feedback would be the better option. Every meal plan is expected to have at least one good or bad review, so pay attention to the majority.

The Special Ingredient

One of the biggest goals for a meal delivery service is to provide their customers with the freshest, most high-quality food and ingredients. Since a majority of meal delivery companies advertise so much in regards to how crisp and clean their food is, it’s a good idea to make sure that’s actually true. Check the list of food suppliers provided by the company on their website. Meal delivery services that offer easily accessed information about their suppliers is a strong sign they’re legitimate about their sources of ingredients.

The Business Agreement

Reading and understanding the regulations or terms of a meal delivery service before signing up for a meal plan is absolutely necessary, and in cases of not wanting to continue a meal delivery service, knowing exactly what you’re singing up for is necessary. Meal plan services have refund policies, cancelation policies and automatic fees that all vary. For example, if you wanted to discontinue a meal plan you originally committed to for 12 months, you would still be required to make the payments you signed up for, while some services offer refunds or exchanges within a required period of time. Inconveniences such as being required to pay for a meal subscription you don’t enjoy, and aren’t eating, can be easily avoided with careful over view of the company policies. In meal plan delivery services, the business’s conditions should be clear and reasonable; be sure to look for a service that offers you policy options you feel comfortable with. If you agree to the conditions of the company’s services and don’t spot any confusing or unreasonable policies, that’s a strong sign of a reliable business agreement.

The Final Price

Finding a meal plan within your budget is simple, but be sure to check the finalized price of the meal plan before purchasing.  The first price seen on the website or through simple advertising usually isn’t the final price of the meal service you order. Most companies will advertise their lowest prices, and won’t include costs of shipping, extra ingredients or special dietary requirement requests. Check what you’re being charged for, this way you know exactly where your money is going!

With so many individual meal delivery services available to you, finding the one that is appropriate, based off of the characteristics you’re looking for, is guaranteed! By giving you some examples as to what to look for before signing up, it should be easy to differentiate a good, reliable meal plan from one that’s not compatible with your preferences.


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