Vegan Meal Delivery Services

Composition with assorted raw organic vegetables

Although it may seem that a majority of meal delivery services are not vegan, or don’t provide vegan options, this pre-conceived notion is incorrect. Although sometimes tricky to find, there are many different options for vegans. Provided below are some of the best vegan meal delivery services that many of you may not know about.


Veestro Meal Delivery Services offers their customers fully prepared plant-based meals, to their doorstep at any location in the United States. All meals are fresh, never frozen, and require no cooking or cleaning. Just a quick pop in the microwave or oven, and your vegan meal is ready for you! Veestro provides their customers with options for breakfast, entrees, soups, dessert and juices, along with gluten-free choices as well.


This meal delivery service offers fresh, alkaline, organic plant-based meal options for their customers.  All of their meal options listed on the Foodflo website are hand-crafted, vegan, organic, gluten-free, unprocessed foods meant to aid customers in eating delicious meals that promote weight-loss at a healthy, affordable price. A new menu is offered every Tuesday, and meals are packaged with serving instructions included.


Locally known to the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Clarita area, Nutri-fit offers meals, snacks and desserts that aid customers in weight-loss and vegan based eating. Meals are always fresh, never frozen, and can be customized by any dietary preferences. Nutri-fit also offers Paleo diet, gluten free, diary free, and vegetarian meal plans. If you’re interested in fitness coaching, Nutri-fit also offers the option of fitness coaching services.

The Vegan Garden

The Vegan garden is strictly a vegan diet meal delivery service that offers meal plans, juice smoothies, cleanses, teas and meal packages. Foods include breakfast, entrees, desserts, juices and gluten free options as well. Prices vary for meal plans and meal packages, but packages are offered for as low as around $100.00. All food is preservative free, wholesome and 100% fresh. Food is offered anywhere in the U.S. and all food items will arrive cool and ready to be refrigerated.

Vegin’ Out

The name says it all – this meal delivery service is all about the veggies! This vegan and vegetarian meal delivery service offers healthy and affordable, all organic, freshly prepared and cooked meals straight to your doorstep or office. Customers can also choose to request customized menu options to fit your dietary requirements or preferences, such as gluten free, soy free, or nut free. Customers can place an order for a single weekly vegan meal that includes 3 vegan meal entrees, 4 vegan side dishes, 1 vegan soup and a bag of vegan cookies.


Paleta offers a wide variety of menus, including weightless menus, Mediterranean meals, paleo and gluten free diets, plant based (vegan & vegetarian), customized meals, meals for pregnant women, personal chef meals and even a bridal bundle for those getting ready for their wedding! Paleta provides their customers with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert menu options under their vegan and vegetarian category. With Paleta, you can choose to have meals delivered every day of the week, or just one day of the week, its all up to you!


Ohhlicious offers delivery or pickup service for fresh and ready to eat local food with high quality ingredients. Their sauces and soups are also 100% vegan, so you know exactly what you’re eating. Each meal is prepared and then sealed fresh before being delivered to your location.

Becoming vegan, or sticking with a vegan diet, can be a struggle for some, and with meal delivery services like this, it’s easier than ever to stay consistent with your desired vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re running out of time to cook meals or running out of recipes; these meal delivery services are here to help.


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