TV, Phone, Internet: Choosing a Provider of All Three


In today’s world there are some services that you just can’t live without – TV, phone, and Internet. Or, maybe you can live without them, but why would you want to? But, while you may want all of these services, there is a good chance you don’t want the hefty monthly bills that can come along with them. Three separate services with three separate providers can really add up. And, that’s where the magic of bundling services comes into play. Choosing a plan that allows you bundle your TV, phone, and internet services into one monthly plan can help you save time and money. Here are some things to consider as you look for a new provider.

Shop around

Unless you live in a remote area you will most likely have several options to choose from. If you prefer satellite, companies like Dish Network and DIRECTV have paired with phone companies to provide you bundles. If you prefer cable you can look for bundles that include companies like Xfinity or Spectrum.

When you shop around it is always recommended that you check at least three different options. This helps you see a good comparison of options and pricing. Make sure that you are comparing similar packages within each bundle. You want to see the TV channels included, the data usage, and phone services match as closely to each other as possible. Don’t be afraid to let the companies know that you are comparing prices with other companies. Sometimes by doing this, you are able to obtain better deals because the company wants to convert you over to being a customer.

Tip on dealing with your current provider

If you are currently using these services and are looking for new deals you need to be strategic when you approach the company you are working with. Companies that provide these services offer good deals to new customers to get people in the door. They know that most people don’t want the hassle of changing companies often, so they don’t offer the same great deals to existing customers.

If you are serious about searching for the best price and services and are willing to switch companies if necessary, then let your existing company know that. Ask to speak to a manager or the closing department. This is typically the last line of defense before they lose a customer to their competitor, so these are the people with the power to offer you the best deals.

Watch out for the add-ons

Companies always want to advertise the price that looks like the best deal. They want you to believe that you are going to get exactly what you want for a price that is much less than you anticipated. However, you need to carefully read the fine print. Many times bundles will include the base packages, but will charge additional fees for any of the extra services that you really want to use. For example, your bundle may include satellite in up to three rooms of your house, but if you want to use a DVR or OnDemand (which is practically everyone) you will be charged extra. Or, you may have access to all the services and benefits you want in one room, but need to pay for equipment for additional rooms.

Watch the contract terms

The pricing that you receive on a bundle will be promotional pricing. Once your initial contract ends you will lose the pricing that comes with it. Keep track of when this date is and check what length of service each service has. In some bundles, you might be in a two-year contract for your TV, but only a one-year contract for phone and Internet. Always read the small print!

Your location makes the difference

It’s difficult to be able to tell you which company has the best package options for you because it all depends on the area that you live in. Some providers aren’t available in all states, or you may live in a rural area that only has certain internet providers with reliable service. If you are unsure of what providers are reliable in your area start asking your neighbors and friends. Local Facebook groups are also a fast way to get a lot of reviews on different companies.

Do you research and compare prices between providers. Make sure you are getting the services and features that you want to out of each plan, and then enjoy the benefits of one smaller bill instead of three larger ones.



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