Top Moving Tips to Save On Your Move


Worried about moving expenses? Take it easy – there are many effective cost-cutting measures you can take to make your next move affordable. Here are the best money saving tips to spare your wallet and keep your move a success.

Create a Plan

Without a plan, your move is more likely to get rushed, confused, and haphazard: This is when people spend too much money without thinking about it. For an easy and affordable move, start planning a few months in advance. Make a list, start scouting for packing materials, pick the right time for a move, and generally get organized. You may be surprised just how much money this can save – and how much it equips you to deal with all those little unexpected surprises on the way.

Spend Some Time Getting Rid of Stuff

This is one of the most effective money saving tips. The fewer things you have to move, the more money you will save. Seems like simple logic, but it’s all about how you apply it. When making a big move, it’s important to only take the belongings that you really, really want. If something can be left behind without impacting your life or your family, then leave it. Hold garage sales, donate items, and make some trips to the dump or junkyard. When it doubt, throw it out. This will leave you with less to pack and lower fees when hiring professionals – not to mention less of a clutter.

Time Your Move Just Right

Understandably, few people have a choice when the time comes to move: They are constrained by jobs, school, and available time off. However, if your moving schedule is flexible, then use it to save money! Moving companies often alter their pricing and deals based on when they are busiest. Most people prefer to move in the late spring or summer, which tends to be the busiest times…and have the highest prices. Move in the fall, winter, or early spring if possible – prices will be lower and moving companies are more likely to have deals out to attract new business. Additionally, quieter timeframes make for less rush and more careful handling by professional handlers.

Get Used/Recycled Packing Materials

Thanks to a variety of online and local services, you probably don’t need to pay anything for your packing materials. Use sites like, look around on Craigslist, and visit local packing facilities or warehouses to see how you can collect boxes and additional packing materials. If you do buy new materials, then use the available sites to sell back your boxes when done to recoup a bit of your investment. Every little bit helps!

Pack Yourself When Possible

Many professional moving services offer a variety of different packages based on what you need. If you have the time, energy, and helping hands, then use a service where you pack yourself and the moving service is primarily involved in transport. First, you get to pack your belongings the way you want to and treat them with as much care as you prefer. Second, packing yourself makes moving services much cheaper. However, remember to carefully make use of all available space when packing, because you may be charged based on how much room you take up.

Pick a Mover Carefully

Instead of jumping at the first mover you find, pause and compare prices between several different companies. You can also ask for more than one estimate before making up your mind. Not all movers are created equal, and some may be able to offer other money saving tips of their own.



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