Top 25 Original TV Shows and Where to Watch Them


Tired of streaming the same old reruns, why not shake things up by watching something fresh and unique – an original TV series!

Grab your popcorn and other snacks! We’ve got your needs covered with this list of top original TV shows, and the networks where you can watch them!

1.Netflix-Orange is the New Black

This funny, award-winning prison drama debuted in 2013 and is now Netflix’s most watched original. Relationships, and a woman’s quest to adjust to life behind bars are the show’s focus. Season 1-5 are available now, and seasons 6 and 7 are booked!


Think your life is stressful? Trust me, none of us have anything on Marty Bryde. a financial planner who runs afoul of a drug cartel. He and his family leave behind their comfortable life in Chicago to launder money in a tiny resort town.

It’s all on the line for Marty and his family, because if they fail to repay the cartel, they’re all dead. An eccentric live-in landlord, rival criminals, sibling rivalry, and marital troubles certainly aren’t making Marty’s attempts to stay alive and protect his family any easier!

3.Netflix-The Crown

If you miss Downton Abbey, you will love this original drama series about the early rule of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II. Viewers get an intimate look at Elizabeth, the person, as she meets and falls in love with the future Prince Phillip. In addition to attending glamorous parties, we suffer alongside her from one crisis to another. From her wedding and assumption of the crown after her father dies to coping with the fallout from her sister’s romantic escapades. Season 2 drops December 8th.


This new western TV series by Steven Soderbergh, premieres on November 22nd. In addition to the usual gun slinging-villains and would be heroes, the show features a town populated only by women, who are determined to defend themselves and their homes.

5.Netflix-The Punisher

Love superheroes based on classic Marvel characters? Then you’ll love this show based on the vigilante hero from the comic books. The first season debuts on November 17th.


Everyone’s favorite Wyoming lawman is back for a sixth, and final, season. Will Sherriff Walt Longmire be able to piece together enough clues to find his best friend, Henry, in time to save him? Is his deputy, Victoria “Vic” Moretti pregnant with his child?  You’ll need to tune in and watch to find out the answers to these and other cliffhangers from season 5!

7.Amazon Prime-Transparent

In its fourth season, this award-winning dramatic comedy follows the trials of a transgender woman who shocks her family when she begins her transition.

8.Amazon Prime-Mozart in the Jungle

Season 4 of this quirky drama, premieres on December 8th. It offers witty dialogue, and an emotion-stirring, peek into the lives led by a symphony’s classical musicians when they aren’t performing on the stage.

9.Amazon Prime-Catastrophe

This humorous drama follows the exploits of a young married couple whose relationship began as a one-night stand that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. All three seasons are available for streaming now!

10.Hulu Plus-The Handmaid’s Tale

This new TV series just became the first original to win a prestigious Emmy award for Best Drama. The show follows the life of Offred, who struggles to retain her dignity in a militant, totalitarian society. In this dystopian world, the few remaining women who can still get pregnant are forced to serve in the households of the country’s leaders and repopulate the planet.

11.Hulu Plus-Future Man

If you love comedy, and science fiction, you will want to watch for the release of Future Man, debuting on November 14th. It follows the life of a janitor that’s just been informed that the survival of the universe is up to him.

12.Hulu Plus-Runaways

Superhero fans will want to check out another offering from the Marvel Comics world that premieres on November 21st. Teenage rebellion takes on new meaning when six teenagers discover that their parents are secretly a group of arch-villains known as The Pride.

13.Hulu Plus-The Mindy Project

This hit romantic comedy was originally produced on Fox before moving to Hulu Plus for seasons 4-6. All six seasons can be streamed on Hulu Plus. The series is a laugh-filled look at the trials of modern professional women as Dr. Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN seeks to create the perfect life while juggling the demands of patients and co-workers, and searching for Mr. Right.

14.HBO Originals Game of Thrones

This original TV series could be the most popular show on the planet. It’s an epic high-fantasy replete with dragons, and is in its seventh season!

You will, however, have a long time to wait to discover which of your favorite characters will survive now that Winter has finally arrived! Tabloid rumors speculate the final season won’t be released until 2019! We thought about asking Jon Snow for more details, but, as everyone knows by now, Jon Snow knows nothing!

15.HBO Originals-Westworld

This hit sci-fi series, has a second season on the way. In this show, robotics advances to the point that tourists can vacation in a Wild West themed park and role-play live with interactive, smart androids. Trouble is brewing however, as the software begins to malfunction.

16.HBO Originals-Veep

This series offers a hilarious look at politics from the perspective of a female Vice President, former Senator Selina Meyer. As the new VP learns, the struggle to achieve work/life balance is real when you have only an offbeat staff to help you! Seasons 1-5 are available for streaming now, and Season 6 is expected to be released April 16, 2018.

17.HBO Originals- Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Finally, you no longer need to worry about missing out on the news while you’re watching your favs! This funny look at the news is in its fourth season. It helps viewers stay current on real world developments!


This supernatural horror show follows one man’s quest to understand why he has been chosen to endure demonic possessions throughout his life. It’s currently Cinemax’s most popular original series. The first season is available for streaming now, with a second on the way.


Considered by many to be the best original series created by Starz!, all three seasons of this action packed inside look at the life a gladiator during ancient times are available for streaming.


One reason why this original show is so popular is that it’s hard to define. It combines elements of seemingly unrelated genres: period drama, sci-fi/fantasy, and action thriller with plenty of mystery to go around!

The show follows the adventures of a WWII nurse, Claire Randall, who has just married Frank, a former British officer MI6. Without warning, Claire finds herself traveling through time to 18th century Scotland.

With no way home, she ends up marrying a local warrior, Jamie Fraser, in order to survive in her harsh new surroundings. You’ll need to watch it before you can decide which of these two worlds, and men, you want Claire to choose! Currently in its third season, various tabloids report that season 4 is filming in Scotland now!

21.Starz!-American Gods

Based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, the show is set in a modern world, where magic is real and up and coming new Gods seek to dethrone the old.


This series follows the misadventures of Frank Gallagher, who is not your typical family man. Instead, he’s an alcoholic who tries to earn a living through various schemes and cons. The main focus of the show is Frank’s interactions with his six minor children who learn to look after one another in this dark comedy. In its eighth season, this hit series has already been renewed for season 9.


In this high intensity spy thriller, a bi-polar CIA officer and marine sniper work together to solve crimes and prevent terrorism. It has been renewed for a seventh season.


This up and coming series features two seasons. It’s a business drama about the high stakes world of hedge funds and their cutthroat managers.


This atypical original series focused on the double life led by crime-solving forensic technician Dexter Morgan, a secret vigilante and serial killer. No longer in production, all eight seasons of the show remain a top choice of watchers looking for their next binge-worthy show to stream.

Which Original Shows Do You Like Best?

With hundreds of original TV series to choose from, its certain that we’ve left some favorites off our list. What about you- what are your favorite original shows?

We enjoy receiving feedback, it helps us to create the content you enjoy! Please share the best shows that we’ve missed in the comments section below!


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