Top 10 Meal Delivery Services


Whether it’s for the convenience of time, substantial health benefits, or for easy to cook, tasty foods, a meal plan is one of the most efficient ways to provide you and your family delicious food, every day. Meal plans don’t only save you money, but they also take away from the hassle of going to the grocery store. No more driving, long lines, or rushing to put food on the table after a hectic day! These delivery services will either send customers fresh wholesome ingredients and recipes to make their own food, or they will provide chef-prepared dinners that are ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat.

All meal plans vary in their ingredients, menu options, and prices. Meals can also be customized or you can make a selection off a provided menu. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have certain food restrictions/preferences, there are also meal plans that can accommodate those needs. Aside from the price of ingredients and/or meals, shipping fees will most likely apply. These fees can range from a flat rate, or special discount may be applied if a certain amount is spent. Meal plans also differ in their subscription offers, and availability depending on location, so double-check that the service you’re interested in is offered in your current location.

Based off of price, quality of food, and instruction simplicity, these are some of the most highly rated meal delivery services offered today.

  • Chef’d – Chef’d provides over 650 different recipes to their customers, and averages around $30 for 1 meal that serves two people. This meal delivery service is offered nationwide.
  • Blue Apron – offers 3 meals a week for $60 that can serve two people. The average cook and prep time is only 45 minutes and the directions are very simple.
  • Green Chef – provides customers with organic meals that only require 30 minutes to prepare and cook. There are also a variety of menus to choose from including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Prices vary depending on customer’s choice of menu.
  • Purple Carrot – strictly a vegan menu, but offers exciting dishes that are still healthy and only around $12 a meal.
  • BistroMD – geared mainly towards weight-loss. A majority of the meals are healthy and around $24 a day.
  • Home Chef – 30 minute, easy to make meals that work around your preferences and needs. All meals are $9.95 per serving.
  • Fresh Direct – One of the quickest meal plan delivery service preparation times at only 20 minutes. This service offers different pricing depending on the customer’s location, but is only offered in the northeast.
  • Nuture Life – for customers with children or provide care for children. These organic meals can be eaten by kids as young as 6 months old to 18-19 years old and range around $35 a week.
  • Plated – known for their Eco-friendly, local produce meal options and only use antibiotic, hormone free meats, and fresh seafood. $12.50 per meal.
  • Peach Dish – this meal delivery service offers southern food, for $13 per meal. Each dish is southern-inspired and includes heavier foods for their customers.

Regardless of the meal plan delivery service you choose, it is guaranteed you’ll be offered consistently tasty, wholesome meals. Providing yourself, and your family with a good meal at the end of the day is not only a great way to get people together, but it can also be beneficial for health and food restrictions. The services above are only a few of many, so finding a meal plan that works best for you will be possible no matter what type of menu you desire!


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