Top 10 Data Storage Companies


Dramatic improvements have been made in data storage over the past few decades. Many people still remember floppy disks and CD storage. Flash drives and SD cards replaced these and others. If you wanted to access your files from multiple locations you needed to make sure you had that device with you. If you forgot it when you needed it for class or work you were in trouble. Then came along the cloud data storage. Companies provide data storage that you can access from any device with the Internet.

It has taken some people a while to get used to this idea. But, the benefits of the cloud are undeniable. There is ease of access, it can be accessed from multiple locations and by multiple people, and practically has unlimited capacity.  You want to choose the best company when selecting data storage so your data will be protected.

Here are the top 10 data storage companies.

1.Google Drive

We all know and trust the Google brand. Google has been around for years and is continuing to build their empire. If you are already using Google for your email it is easy to incorporate Google Drive into your data storage solution. You can easily share documents with coworkers or others.


Dropbox is a popular cloud data storage company. It integrates with thousands of different apps allowing you to accomplish more through your data storage. You won’t have to worry about file size limits and Dropbox has deletion recovery to help you quickly and easily recover necessary files. There are over 200,000 businesses that trust their data storage to Dropbox.

3.Microsoft OneDrive

Get easy access to your files anywhere at any time with Microsoft OneDrive. Access and work on your documents from your phone, tablet, or computer and if you don’t have Internet access you can still access your files offline. You will have access to Office applications and can easily collaborate with others. You can easily use your phone to take scan reports, receipts, and other documents you need access to.



4.Apple iCloud Drive

If you are a fan of Apple products then the iCloud storage might be your best option. You have choices of storage limits and can choose the size that you need the most. You can access your files and invite others to collaborate with you on them. There is no need to send multiple email attachments or create paper copies of documents; everything you need to share can be done through iCloud.


5.SpiderOak ONE

You may not have heard of SpiderOak before but it provides you with a safe way to store and share your documents with end-to-end encryption. But, you can try the service free for 21 days to try it out. You can access your current and historical versions of your files, including deleted files, with no limit or restrictions.


SugarSync offers a feature that many other data storage companies do not, you can keep your files in their current folder structure. That means you don’t have to relearn where each document is kept in your system. You can quickly access your documents and if you make a change in one it is instantly made in your other locations as well.


7.CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

If security of your information is of your highest priority then CertainSafe has what you are looking for. They use a MicroEncryption® technology that is award winning and unmatched in the industry. And, it still gives you the ability to store and collaborate on projects with your team.



Mega offers more free storage than many of the other data storage companies. It has an easy to use drag and drop system to backup your documents. The company also states that the information you save is encrypted prior to leaving your computer or device to assure that it is protected.



pCloud is a Switzerland based company that has been featured in places like Entrepreneur and Forbes. You receive 20 GB free of storage when you sign up. You can use automatic upload to make storing your images easier than ever. And, you can share and collaborate your file easily with anyone while taking advantage of “unbreakable security”.



Box is a great option for international organizations. It meets the requirements and compliance standards that your company needs. It also integrates well with your favorite apps like Slack, G Suite, Salesforce, and Office 365. Your can easily collaborate with others while protecting your files at the same time.


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