Tips for Moving with Senior Citizens


When faced with relocation and senior citizens are part of the equation, taking special care of your elders remains paramount. This adds another layer of complexity to the process, but it is something you are able to easily handle by following some straightforward advice. In fact, most seniors probably dealt with moving many times in their long lives, and therefore are a great source for wisdom and advice.

Relocating with seniors doesn’t have to be any more difficult than any another move. Let’s take a look at some advice to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Advice when Moving with Seniors

When seniors are part of your household, make sure you allow them to contribute to the process to the best of their current health and ability. In many cases, this is similar to when you relocate with children. Give them any help with organizing and packing their belongings while remaining patient and empathic — remember, stress free is the way to go!

On moving day, if you are relocating without professional assistance, handle all the loading and heavy lifting for them, but let them contribute by loading some lighter items. Allowing them to serve as “manager” for the move lets them feel needed and an important part of the process. Keeping them engaged is the key, provided their health allows them to pitch in.

During the trip to your new location, ensure their overall comfort, especially if the current temperature is extreme — either hot or cold. Take many rest breaks and be sure to stop for three square meals. Of course, if you are simply moving elsewhere in your current town, these last few tips don’t necessarily apply.

After arriving at your new home, reverse the process. Help them get unpacked and situated in their new room, taking their advice on layout as necessary. Let them decide on the first family meal in your new home. They remain an important part of your life and the move process should reflect that.

If Seniors are Relocating their own Residence, determine how much In-Person Help you can Offer

When the senior citizens in your life are moving their own residence, the situation becomes more complicated. Here are some points to consider.

The first step in relocating any senior citizens’ own homestead is determining how much in-person help you are able to provide your elders as well as how much assistance they actually need. If the seniors in question are still able to get around and enjoy a relatively functional life, providing some direction along with help with organization and packing assistance should suffice. Of course, if you live in another part of the country, your ability to contribute much help may be limited.

Discuss this issue with your elders. Find out how much help they want, while considering on your own — along with other family members — how much assistance they truly need. Obviously, they need to contribute to this decision as well as throughout the moving process if they are able.

Once again, remember to be patient and show empathy. You want the best for the seniors in your family and together you will come up with the best possible solution.

Sometimes Professional Senior Moving Companies make the Most Sense

In those situations where the elders in your life reside out of state and your ability to help them in person is limited, working with professional movers specializing in senior relocation makes sense. The leading companies in this specialty handle everything from decluttering and setting up a yard sale to full-service packing, loading, moving, and unpacking. This offers you peace of mind if you are unable to travel to help your seniors perform the same tasks.

If your elders are still pretty robust and able to handle most relocation checklist items themselves, these companies still serve in a consultant role, helping to ensure nothing gets missed — everything from utility transfer to filling out change of address forms. Ultimately, they are a valid option when circumstances make you unable to help out as much as you like. Discuss this option with your elders if interested.

Moving senior citizens — whether they are part of your household or living on their own — isn’t really more involved than any other relocation. Make sure your elders are part of the process, either by helping out with packing and loading or even contributing to the decision to use professionals specializing in senior relocation. Their happiness as well as your own is met easily by following a clear process.



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