100 Things to Do Before You Move Out


Things to Do Before You Move Out: A Couple Months Out

  1. Inventory Your House
  2. Make a List of Supplies You Need
  3. Research Moving Companies and Ask For Estimates
  4. Throw Away Unnecessary Items
  5. Hold a Garage Sale
  6. Look for Cheap or Free Boxes
  7. Create a File or Binder with All Moving Information
  8. Gather School and Medical Records
  9. Order Important Packing Supplies
  10. Ask Friends for Advice and Recommendations
  11. Start Cleaning Out Closets
  12. Start Cleaning Out Your Garage
  13. Take a Trip to Goodwill
  14. Take a Trip to Waste Disposal
  15. Get Special Boxes for TVs and Computers
  16. Get Special Boxes for Artwork
  17. Create a Labeling System
  18. Set a Moving Budget
  19. Research Storage Costs
  20. Research Utility Fees
  21. Research New Cable and Internet Fees
  22. Pick New Providers
  23. Receive Estimates from Moving Companies
  24. Breathe

Things to Do Before You Move Out: Several Weeks Out

  1. Examine Your New Neighborhood
  2. Research New Schools
  3. Review Your Plan with Your Family
  4. Consider Packing Supply Kits
  5. Count Your Boxes
  6. Receive Final Moving Estimates
  7. Make a Moving Company Decision
  8. Contact Your Mover
  9. Schedule a Move
  10. Ask Movers for Advice
  11. Let Your Employer Know
  12. Explain the Details to Your Kids
  13. Read Reviews of Your New Neighborhood
  14. Inventory Remaining Belongings
  15. Make Another Trip to Goodwill
  16. Throw More Items Away
  17. Change and Forward Your Mail
  18. Check for Elevator Fees
  19. Check for Long-carry Fees
  20. Check for Extra Supply Fees
  21. Double-check Your Budget
  22. Set Up New Utilities
  23. Check Utility Dates
  24. Account for Overlapping Utility Fees
  25. Switch Your Mail Address
  26. Arrange for Mail Forwarding
  27. Switch Long-Term Delivery Addresses
  28. Contact the DMV (if necessary)
  29. Notify School Friends/Parents
  30. Notify Coworkers
  31. Begin Packing Clothes
  32. Begin Packing Seasonal Items

Things to Do Before You Move Out: A Couple Weeks Out

  1. Check Your Box Supplies Again
  2. Find More Boxes if Necessary
  3. Pack Long Term Items
  4. Buy Paper Dinnerware
  5. Start Packing Dishes/Dinnerware
  6. Buy Disposable Hygiene Items
  7. Set Aside Short-Term Clothes
  8. Start Packing Other Clothes
  9. Buy Mini Travel Toiletries
  10. Create Overnight Bag for Trip
  11. Start Packing Room by Room
  12. Buy Clear Plastic Bins
  13. Pack Most Important Items in Bins
  14. Clean Your Apartment
  15. Clean Yard (if necessary)
  16. Set Aside Jewelry/Valuables
  17. Set Aside Unpacking Supplies
  18. Organize Packed Boxes
  19. Double-check Labeling
  20. Use Fabric and Bubble Wrap
  21. Pack Tightly, Use All Space

Things to Do Before You Move Out: A Few Days Out

  1. Find More Boxes If Necessary
  2. Prepare Furniture for Move
  3. Confirm Moving Time
  4. Pack Largest Items
  5. Triple check Organization and Labeling
  6. Clean Bathroom
  7. Do a Final Vacuum/Sweep
  8. Plan Out Meals
  9. Ask Friends for Help
  10. Number Boxes for Loading/Unloading
  11. Empty and Defrost Refrigerator
  12. Prepare for Moving Pets
  13. Locate New Bank Branches
  14. Drive Around New Neighborhood
  15. Wake Up Early
  16. Contact Your Moving Company and Confirm Dates
  17. Supervise the Move to Make Sure Belongings Are Dealt With Properly and According to Contract
  18. Tip Your Mover if Appropriate
  19. Say Goodbye to Friends and Neighbors
  20. Double-check Your Cash, Gas, and Trip Plan
  21. Pack Essentials In Car
  22. Gently Round Up Family and Pets
  23. Take Off For Your New Home!


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