The difference between HBO GO vs HBO Now


There are a lot of choices when it comes to your TV watching options. It can feel like a lot of pressure when you are trying to decide which one is right for you. You can now watch TV at home, or on your laptop at work, or on your phone from wherever you are. But, before you do that you need to make sure you are signed up for the right services with the right company. Do you love HBO? If so, you might find yourself scratching your head at the choices you have to watch. You hear information about HBO GO and other things about HBO Now. You don’t really care what it’s called as long as you can watch Game of Thrones (or insert your favorite HBO show here). Knowing the difference between the options is the key to getting the services you want.

What is HBO GO?

HBO GO is simply the streaming service that comes with your cable or satellite subscription to the channel. You choose your plan with your provider and make sure you have HBO included along with it. Then you need to verify with your service provider to make sure that HBO GO is included in your package.

What is HBO Now?

HBO Now is a service that you pay for on its own. It is not part of a cable or satellite package. It is a separate subscription that is internet only and gives you full access to all that HBO has to offer.

How are HBO GO and HBO Now the same?

At the core of the two services, they are exactly the same. Both HBO Go and HBO Now offer you complete access to all of your favorite HBO shows and movies. They also both provide you with the option for more than one member of your family to stream different videos at the same time. That means you can be watching a movie on your lunch break at work while your spouse is at home streaming their favorite show at the same time. You can also use HBO GO and HBO Now on the same type of devices.

How are HBO GO and HBO Now different?

The key difference between the two options is that HBO Now does not require you to have a satellite or cable subscription. That means if you don’t have to commit to a full package of other channels.  You can have full access to HBO by paying for a separate subscription to HBO Now.

Which one is right for you?

This is an easy decision. Since HBO offers you the same great access to their shows and live streaming events you just need to decide what other options you want. If you are a fan of cable and satellite packages and want access to other channels it will probably make sense for you to view HBO GO through your regular package. However, if HBO is really the channel you are after then your best option is most likely going to be HBO Now. It allows you to pay for only the channel you want, and still gives you access to it at any time.



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