T-Mobile Now Includes Free Netflix


T-Mobile Now Includes Free Netflix

Now, it’s easier than ever before to stream your favorite programs while you’re on the go, if you’re a T-Mobile ONE customer!

A growing number of us are spending more time watching our favorite shows and videos on our smartphones, rather than traditional TVs or desktop screens. Now, more than ever before, there is a genuine need for quality entertainment options for folks to enjoy, wherever they happen to be!

In early September, T-Mobile announced that they would begin providing their subscribers better mobile entertainment options in a rather unique way. Now, T-Mobile ONE customers can get Netflix on their phones at no additional charge!

Curious about how this new option impacts you? Don’t worry, the full details are right here!

#NetflixOnUs – What’s in it for You?

One of the best advantages of this offer is that it allows users to stream their favorite Netflix titles in HD video on up to two screens at the same time! This means that you get to enjoy viewing your shows in top quality, high resolution and you don’t have to stop streaming when another user on your plan wants to watch something else!

You aren’t limited to streaming just on your smartphone. With this subscription, you can stream Netflix to any of your compatible devices, whether it’s your cellphone, tablet, TV or laptop!

You don’t even have to be connected to enjoy Netflix content! In addition to being able to stream Netflix to two screens simultaneously, you can also download titles to two phones or two tablets and enjoy watching them when you are offline!

Family Allowances also comes with this plan. This feature is especially helpful for parents. It allows you to set limits on usage for one or more phones in your plan. This means you have greater control over the times when children can use the phone, and for how long. With this feature, you don’t have to worry that streaming a Netflix program will make your child late for school, or inattentive during class!

Does Your Existing Plan Qualify?

To qualify for the free Netflix subscription, you need to have at least two lines on a qualifying, tax inclusive T-Mobile One voice account. Keep in mind that some account types are excluded from this offer, including subscriptions that exclude tax, and no credit check and prepaid accounts.

If you don’t have a qualifying plan, but want to qualify for free Netflix, then you will need to change your current plan. This is fairly simple to do when you use the T-Mobile app. Just go to the menu and tap on Usage and Plans. From there, just tap on Change Plan and pick one that qualifies.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Activating Your Subscription

Before you opt in to Netflix, take the time to make certain that you and others on your plan, are completely logged out of Netflix before you begin the process. This will help prevent any difficulties during the activation process.

If you already have Family Allowances on your account, you will need to configure your settings again once you opt in to Netflix.

If you want to upgrade from the basic Netflix subscription with 2 screens that is provided at no charge, you can do so during the sign-up process, but, you will be charged for the difference in price.

What if You Already Have Netflix and a Qualifying T-Mobile ONE Plan?

One of the best features of this offer is that you don’t have to cancel your existing Netflix account to qualify for the deal. If you already have a qualifying plan, and, already have a Netflix subscription, you just need to opt in to it through the T-Mobile app. Once you’ve opted in, you will be sent a link with instructions on how to associate your T-Mobile ONE account to your existing Netflix account.

Once you opt in, you will notice a $10.99 credit on your Netflix statements each month within a couple of billing cycles. At this point, you can then enjoy your savings of $10.99 each month! What will you do with your “extra,” $120 a year?

Stream Away!

Are you ready to get your “binge“ on? Once you’ve opted in, you can begin streaming your favorite programs, wherever you happen to be. You just need to have a compatible device!




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