Streaming Video Services You Have Never Heard Of

streaming video services you have never heard of popcornflix

Just a few short years ago, streaming content was primarily seen as a way to “cut the cord” and ditch a pricy Cable TV subscription. Now, streaming video has become mainstream.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are now so well-known that many folks assume that they are the only way to get quality streaming content for a relatively low monthly fee. There are, however, several streaming video services other than these that offer great programming, and many don’t even require a monthly subscription!

If you’ve been searching for more streaming content options, you’ve come to the right place! Our article expands your viewing choices by providing the full details about some of the lesser known streaming services.

Tubi TV

This ad-supported streaming content provider offers users access to over 50,000 hit movies and 25,000 episodes of TV shows at no charge.  The content library has been grouped into 44 genres/categories, which makes finding something to watch a breeze.

To begin watching, users will need to register with their Facebook account or email address. Just click on a title to begin streaming, or, save titles to your queue. Continue watching allows users to pick up streaming where they left off, rather than having to start all over again.

There is something for everyone, from preschool to comedies, dramas, thrillers and action flicks, to lovers of K-dramas, anime and even a wide selection of preschool programming. It even has categories for “Cult favorites” and “Not on Netflix,” which offer some interesting selections.

This provider allows users to stream content in HD from nearly any device, whether it’s Apple, Android, Roku, Chrome, Amazon Fire or popular gaming platforms like XBOX.

While this provider doesn’t have as many newer films and original content as Netflix, it has a similarly large library. The interface is modern and easy to use, much like those offered by other established providers.


Supported by ads, this provider offers around 200 choices at a time, from a rotating list of content. The selection is heavily skewed to favor action-packed thrillers known for their popularity with male audiences. A few comedies and dramas are typically included each month as well.

TV shows include classic comedies like Seinfeld, and newer, but recently canceled, programs. Very recently, it has begun to offer original shows and movies as well, such as StartUp and Beautiful Loser.

By limiting choices, its easy for users to scroll through the available titles and pick something to watch. This is unlike more familiar providers which can leave users exhausted and too tired to stream after they spend a good hour or two trying to find something different to watch.

The platform is compatible with iOS, Apple TV, Android, Windows, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Playstation, XBOX as well as many Smart TVs.


Featuring a similar layout and format like Tubi TV’s, Users can log in to view movies and shows and share links to their favorite programs with their friends via Twitter and Facebook. You can also “award” your favorite programs a heart.

Finding something to watch is somewhat more difficult than Tubi TV, as movie titles are grouped into only 18 categories, and there’s a much smaller library of programs to choose from. Currently, there are nearly 40 TV shows to stream from this provider, and many of these titles are for families and young children.

The platform is compatible with Apple TV and devices that use Apple iOS, as well as Roku, XBOX, Google Play, Roku and Amazon.


This provider has a much smaller library of available titles as well. Currently, it offers around 10,000 movies and several dozen TV shows. Choices are close to the popular ad-supported provider Crackle.

Navigation is also a bit trickier, as content is divided by two tabs at the top, Movies and Shows. From there, users scroll through titles separated into several genres, or search for a specific title in the search bar.

This app is also supported on Apple, Google, Windows 8 and Roku devices, as well as XBOX, Amazon Kindle, Sony and Panasonic.

Pluto TV


Do you miss the old days of having a basic Cable TV subscription, that offered dozens of TV channels full of thousands of movies, TV shows, news programs, cooking shows, reality programs and more?

Would you like to go back to that, but not have to pay anything other than give up some of your free time and watch a few ads? Well, now you can!

Channels, and the programs that are playing now, are presented in the same format as the “What’s Playing Now,” programming guide offered by major Cable companies.

Compatible with most major platforms including Apple iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Play, Chromecast, Android, Playstation, XBOX and more.



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