Streaming Video Services for Sports Fans


If you’re a sports fan, you might mistakenly believe you have few options if you want to watch live action sports events. Many assume they will need a traditional Cable TV subscription, or will have to install an antenna and receive over-the-air signals from local networks, to keep up with their favorite teams.

Thankfully, several content providers now offer enthusiasts more choices. The following streaming video services can help you watch sports games live.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu Plus currently offers a wide-range of hit movies and TV shows for just under $8 a month. For just $40 a month, users can continue enjoying this content and gain access to several traditional broadcast and premium networks.

Hulu with Live TV is cheaper than many basic Cable and Satellite TV packages, and it’s one of a handful of ways for enthusiasts to watch ESPN. Additional sports channels include Fox Sports, NBC Sports and CBS Sports.

In select markets, users can receive live broadcasts of their local network stations and regional sports networks. Enter your zip code at the provider’s site to see exactly what channels and networks are available for you to watch locally. Just like regular pay TV, broadcasts are subject to blackouts, and availability.

The service comes with an in-the-cloud DVR, that allows users to record 50 hours of their favorite matches and other programs. For an additional fee you can upgrade to a 200-hour DVR that allows you to fast forward through commercials and other unwanted content.

Additional add-ons include the ability to upgrade to unlimited screens, so that more than two users can stream and view content at the same time. You can also add premium channels like HBO, Cinemax and Starz to your subscription.

The best feature of the service is that it allows users to add their favorite sports teams to their favorites so that it’s simple and easy to find matches and other sporting events to watch live or record automatically for viewing later.

Supported devices include: Windows and Macs, Apple, Android, Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV and Firestick, XBOX, Chromecast, select Samsung Smart TVS and more.

Sling TV


This service starts at just $20 a month and gives users the ability to watch programs from some of their favorite networks. Like Hulu with Live TV, the service does offer live broadcasts that are available in some major cities, and is compatible with many of the same devices.

It’s Orange package option includes ESPN, along with nearly 30 additional channels, making this service a favorite with sports enthusiasts. Additional add-on programming packages start at $5 a month. Premium networks like HBO can be added for an additional $15.

Sling Orange limits viewing to only one screen only at a time. With Blue, users pay $5 extra to be able to view programs on up to three screens at a time. There are also 40 total channels with this package, and users get access to the NFL Network. You can also watch sporting events on Fox channels, but, there isn’t a way to add ESPN by itself to this package.

To be able to receive the maximum number of sports channels, users will want to subscribe to both packages for just $40 a month, and add-on their favorite premium networks for a broader range of top movies and TV shows.


This service offers nearly 70 channels, and starts at $39.99 a month before any special trials or promotions. Many of the networks included in the service provide coverage of numerous regional, college, national and international leagues. The wide variety of sports-centric networks makes it easy for diehard fans to watch their favorite teams compete in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB in high-definition, as well as enjoy live broadcasts in select areas.

Additional content packages can be added on that enable viewers to watch additional sports channels that include coverage of sports events in Spanish and Portuguese.

One feature that really makes this particular service stand out is that it offers users the ability to look back over programs for the last 72 hours. If you missed watching or recording a great game or movie, just download it to the in-cloud DVR.

Cloud DVRs can record and store up to 30 hours of content, and, subscribers can upgrade and add up to 500 hours of storage for an extra fee. Compatible devices are similar to those supported by Hulu with Live TV and Sling TV.

YouTube TV

For just $40 a month, subscribers can get access to over 40 networks. They can also watch live events in available markets. The lineup includes many popular sports channels such as ESPN and Fox Sports.

Two areas where this service really stands out are that it offers unlimited Cloud DVR storage, and, you can add up to 6 accounts on the same subscription. This makes it easy for these users to create their own personal library and playlists in the DVR.

Users can view programs on up to three screens at a time, and it’s compatible with most of the same devices as the other streaming video services covered in this article.




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