Sonos: Everything You Need to Know


Sonos sound systems offer a completely wireless solution to bring audio into every room in your home. Now, you can enjoy your favorite music in your entire house, without running wires, or drilling any holes in our walls or floors!

Current Sonos Product Line-Up

Sonos offers a variety of products in its lineup to help you create the perfect system for your home and needs. Sonos One is their smart speaker that comes with Amazon Alexa built in. Play:1 is a mini-speaker that offers great sound in a small package, while Play:3 is their mid-sized speaker that offers stereo sound. Play:5 is Sonos’ largest in-home speaker. You can also order speaker packages to get great sound in all of your rooms, allowing you to go from 2.1 to 5.1, or more, effortlessly!

Sonos is More Than Wireless Speakers

In addition to standalone speakers, Sonos offers sound solutions for widescreen TV and home theater setups with the Playbase and Playbar. Add a Sonos Sub for more base, a Connect:Amp to turn up the volume or Connect: to add streaming music to an existing stereo system or your receiver.

Installing Your Sonos System

Sonos offers superior sound quality, in addition to easy, flexible, stress-free installation. Just select a Sonos speaker, connect it to your existing Wi-Fi using the Sonos App, and enjoy great sound, everywhere!

If you prefer, you can also create a dedicated wireless network for your Sonos system. Just connect any Sonos speaker, or use a Sonos Bridge or Boost, to your router to create a dedicated wireless system for your Sonos devices.Add additional Sonos speakers, or Connect:AMP to allow your Sonos Amp to drive third-party speakers and other devices.

Your non-Sonos devices will use your Wi-Fi network to connect, decreasing the chances that they will cause any interference with items connected to the Sonos dedicated wireless system.

Top 7 Helpful Sonos System Tips

Like any technology, Sonos has several hidden features, and tricks, that can help you get the most out of your devices. Check out the following list of helpful, “hidden” hints to bring out the best in your Sonos system in record time!

Add Your Music Services

Sonos offers support for multiple music services. To add yours, go to Settings in the Sonos App, tap My Services, and click on Add My Account to access the drop-down menu of supported streaming music services and click on yours to enable it. Repeat the process for each streaming music provider that you want to stream music from.

Create a Sonos Playlist

Do you subscribe to multiple music services, and some of your favorite tracks are only available on specific ones? Instead of switching between your playlists from multiple providers, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal and more, create one unified Sonos playlist in the Sonos App. Next, add all of your favorite tracks from each streaming music service. Now, you can enjoy all of your music, from everywhere, all on one playlist!

Never Miss a Call

Picking up a call and being able to actually hear your caller can be a pain when you are playing music in all of your rooms. If you want to silence the speaker only in the room that you are in, press and hold the mute button down before you answer your phone.

If you want to pause all your music, everywhere, so that you don’t miss a beat, press the mute button once. Want to skip a track instead, press the mute button twice and you’re on to the next track in your queue!

Eliminate Dead Air

Want to keep the music streaming from one song to the next, with no pause in between? This is one task that’s easy-peasy. Just turn on the Crossfade feature in the Sonos App so that one song seamlessly blends into the next.

Never Miss Dialogue Again

Few things are as aggravating when you’re watching TV as missing those few crucial lines during a scene because of a program’s inherent poor audio quality, or, an actor mumbling some of their speech. If a Sonos Playbar or Playbase is part of your Sonos setup, just enable Speech Enhancement to turn up the volume on voices. In the Sonos App, tap on the three dots in the bottom right, select TV and then enable Speech Enhancement by tapping on the square speech Icon and turning it orange.

Apple Users Can Get Better Sound with This Trick

If you use your iPhone or other iOS device with Sonos, you can use the App’s TruTune feature to easily optimize your sound by simply waving your iPhone or other device up and down as you move around the room where your Sonos speaker is installed. Your speaker’s settings are adjusted to produce the best sound based on the feedback that is received from your device’s mic.

Take Your Music Outside

Hosting a party on the patio, or just want to get your jam on while you grill out? No problem. Use CONNECT: AMP and connect the amplifier inside your house to drive a pair of third-party outdoor speakers that are built to stay outside, year-round.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite music, in all your indoor rooms, as well as your outside spaces, without having to tote those heavy speakers in and out of your house!

What about you, do you have a Sonos system in your home or office? What’s your favorite thing about Sonos? Why not share your best Sonos Tips with others in our comments section below?


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