Pre-Move Maintenance Tasks and Repairs for Your New Home


Moving into a new home or apartment can be stressful as you get organized while decluttering and packing up all your boxes. This checklist of pre-move maintenance tasks and repairs can help pave the way for a more enjoyable experience as you look forward to settling in and adding your own personal touch.

Install New Exterior Door Locks for Protection and Peace of Mind

Whether you will be renting an apartment or purchasing a new home, the first item to take care of on your checklist will be to replace all the locks on exterior doors. You may never know just how many past tenants or owners have copies of the keys when you move into a new home, so replacement provides an added layer of protection as well as peace of mind. If the apartment or home has an alarm system, make sure you also change the access codes.

Give Your New Home a Thorough Cleaning from Top to Bottom

Most people like to give their new home a thorough cleaning after moving in even it had been taken care of by the prior owner or landlord. Sanitize the kitchen area by cleaning all the appliances inside and out. Disinfect the kitchen cabinets and drawers before you store your dishes, glassware, and utensils. Replace or install new contact paper within the kitchen cabinets. If you have carpeting, a professional steam cleaning service can provide added peace of mind particularly if you have allergies and the past owners had pets. Use a disinfectant cleaner in the bathroom and thoroughly scrub down all the fixtures and replace the toilet seat.

Install Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Monitors

If the new apartment or home you are moving into does not have smoke detectors, purchase and install new ones. Although carbon monoxide monitors are optional, the minimal expense will provide you with an added level of protection. If these devices are already present and installed, it is recommended that you replace the batteries as you do no not know for sure when a fresh batch was last put in.

Brighten and Personalize Your Home with a New Coat of Paint

If you do not like the color of the current shade of paint on your walls, consider brightening up your new apartment or home with a fresh coat of color. This step on the checklist is best done prior to moving in as you want the paint to dry so there is no bothersome odor or fumes. Having the paint applied prior to moving day will also make it easier to complete other pre-move maintenance tasks and repairs such as installing new window treatments and replacing switch plates and outlet covers.

Install Fresh New Window Shades, Blinds, or Curtains

Add a more personalized touch to your household by installing new window shades, blinds, or curtains. Get creative and visit home decorating stores to view samples to help inspire you during the process. You can put up temporary shades or blinds prior to moving day to provide some privacy while you unpack and settle in to your new home. If you move into an older home or building, consider installing energy-efficient window treatments to save on heating and cooling costs throughout the seasons.

Replace Old Discolored Switch Plates and Electrical Outlet Covers

Switch plates and outlet covers can become dirty, discolored, and chipped over the years. Replacement is relatively inexpensive and for those with a flair for home decorating, your options include a variety of colorful designs aside from the usual bland shades of white and beige. Amazon has a great variety of decorative switch plates that resemble miniature paintings and works of art. You may also want to check out for plate cover designs that include categories such as nature, sports, country life, lighthouses, beach scenes, and more.

Become Familiar with Main Water Valve and Circuit Breaker Fuse Box

Your checklist of pre-move maintenance tasks and repairs includes becoming familiar with your new home’s main water valve and the circuit breaker fuse box. After you move in, make sure you know where both are located. If problems arise during inclement weather and you lose power or need to shut off the water, you will be informed and in-the-know. As you put together a list of items to help you with your pre-move maintenance tasks and repairs, visit a local home improvement store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot for all your supplies and materials.



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