Pods, Storage Units — What works Best for your Move?


When it becomes necessary to store some of your belongings when moving, a few options are available. Pods, storage units, or even warehouse facilities — what works best typically depends on your specific relocation scenario. Things you need to consider will range from how much space is required to store your items to whether or not you are using a professional moving company to handle your relocation.

So let’s take a closer look at the pods vs. warehouse storage question; paying attention to the differences between the two, and finally what option works best for your moving needs.

A Closer Look at Storage Pods

A variety of companies in the relocation industry offer their own portable storage containers, generally with some form of pod or cube in their name. These moving containers vary in size, but most companies give you the option of using more than one when necessary. If you are planning on moving yourself and don’t want to drive a large rental moving truck, storage pods remain a great option.

Once you decide how many containers you need — most companies offer a worksheet to help you determine the required space — the containers get delivered to your current location. You are then able to pack and load your belongings at an almost leisurely pace, which is a great perk for managing your relocation while still dealing with life’s daily challenges. When you are ready to move, simply call the company in question and they pickup and deliver the containers to your new residence where unloading happens — again at your own pace.

If your current residence is in a difficult to access place — for example, a large moving truck can’t reach it — companies generally use smaller shuttles or forklifts to transport the containers to and from your house. You typically won’t be charged extra for this service, unless you live in a unique rural location that requires extra effort from the storage container provider.

In a scenario where you aren’t ready to be moved into your new home, but are required to vacate your current residence, the storage containers are generally stored in a warehouse until they are ready to be delivered to the new residence. This warehouse storage feature typically comes at no extra cost, unless the units are stored for a longer period of time, so check each company for their individual policies; similar rules apply for keeping the storage containers at either your old or new house.

Sometimes Warehouse Storage works Best for a Move

Nearly all major moving companies offer warehouse storage as part of their relocation services. If you want to wash your hands of the moving process other than packing, going with a turnkey service makes perfect sense. If you are unable to live in your new house for a few weeks after moving, these companies simply store your items in a warehouse until you are ready to accept them.

In a similar manner as with storage containers, some moving companies simply include warehouse storage at no extra charge — unless you need to store your items for longer than a month. As always, negotiate this aspect of your move and be sure to read the fine print.

If you are going the DIY route for your relocation while eschewing the use of pod-like storage containers, you are still able to rent a storage unit at a local facility if needed. In most cases, this is required if you are unable to immediately move into your new home right after relocating. The extra effort on your part to unload and load into the warehouse storage makes using a turnkey moving service a better option should the scenario arise.

Determining the Best Choice for your Move

Ultimately, the decision between pods, storage units, or some other solution depends on whether you are handling the move yourself or going with a professional relocation company. Storage pods definitely give you more flexibility on using your time for loading and unloading. You also don’t have to drive a moving truck when using a professional company to transport your belongings. They are also able to keep your items in storage when necessary.

A warehouse storage unit makes the most sense if you are driving a rental moving truck and are unable to immediately move into your new house. Additionally, warehouse storage is a great perk gained from using a professional moving company on a turnkey basis. Make sure to read the fine print about any extra charges for additional storage of your belongings.

A decision between pod containers or warehouse storage needs to be made as soon as possible in your relocation process. Figure out your situation and make the right choice!



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