Paying for Tech Support can be Important


In this era of gadgets and Internet access nearly everywhere, technology has become a vital part of our daily lives. Going without your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other important device for any length of time runs the risk of disrupting your routine — especially if you work from home. Because of this, you need to consider paying for tech support as an option, whether first purchasing a device, or even after owning it for a while.

Even if technically inclined, and especially if you aren’t, it is just easier to pay for an expert to come deal with your issue as compared to getting stressed out if you are unable to solve the problem. In the long run, professional technical support gives you the peace of mind knowing any situation will be quickly handled.

A Flat Rate Fee or pay for Subscription Support?

When considering paid technical support options, you need to decide to either pay for a subscription service or simply pay a one-time fee once one of your devices has a problem. While paying a flat fee when a device breaks may offer some initial cost savings, you might have to wait for a support tech to become available, since they usually give priority to customers who subscribe to a service plan. This causes extra down time, which is costly if the item needing repair is important — like a computer for your home office.

When purchasing any piece of technology, check to see if any discounts are available on a support contract, since this is a great way to save some money up front. Try to haggle with the salesperson to get a better rate, if possible — especially if you are purchasing a floor model, or a refurbished item. Additionally, you also save money over the long run by paying for a longer support period, i.e. a three-year service plan instead of a one-year plan.

Other Advantages of Subscription Tech Support

Paying for a technical support subscription also offers other advantages. Some programs for computers include regular maintenance check-ups, conducted remotely by a technician. This is especially helpful if you are on the Windows platform, as they are able to check to see if any malware or viruses are on your computer. Tech support of this kind is vital when considering the scourge of identity theft and other forms of cyber crime.

Working with one vendor for technical support breeds familiarity over time, as they better understand what devices are in use at your home, as well as your own level of technical expertise. The best technical support professionals proactively offer advice to ensure your technology investments stay up and running. If you have a question on the latest gadget, their insight can be invaluable if it prevents you wasting money on something inferior.

Watch out for Tech Support Scams!

When considering a technical support subscription, only work with well-known, trusted companies with a good reputation in the industry. Tech support scams are commonplace, including examples where the scam artist actually claims to represent any one of the trusted names in technology.

A popular scam involves a phone call where the calling party claims your computer is infected with a virus, and directs you to a fraudulent website which “confirms” the falsehood. They attempt to get your credit card number to fix the “issue,” and simply charge up to a few hundred dollars for their service. These types of scams also happen using email or when visiting a hacked website, so remain vigilant. This is another good reason to subscribe to a trusted tech support company.

So taking a chance and foregoing a paid technical support subscription means you could suffer the consequences once an important device breaks at the wrong moment. Hopefully, this article showed how paying for support actually saves you money — and stress — over the long haul.


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