Moving Tips for Newlyweds


Congratulations on your recent nuptials. When relocating so soon after getting married, the stress incurred with moving tends to go through the roof. Sometimes, even a honeymoon in a far away land does little to help.

Since planning for the wedding itself takes a lot of effort, applying those same concepts to a new move helps make the process easier to deal with. So let’s take a look at some moving tips for newlyweds to help ensure relocation doesn’t put a damper on your new life together.

Create a Relocation Plan separate from your Wedding Plan

Planning is the key for both a stress free wedding and a smooth relocation. While wedding preparation definitely takes precedence, don’t skimp on planning for your move. Decide early on if you are going to use professional movers or handle things by yourself, and collect contact information for those services; keeping everything in a folder or an online document.

Start planning for your move at least a month before relocation; maybe earlier if you feel your wedding and honeymoon might be a distraction. You have a great excuse! Remember, time flies by when getting married, and before you know it both your wedding and moving days will be here and gone. Procrastination only leads to stress when relocating as a newlywed.

Take Care when Combining Possessions

Even before the wedding date, both spouses need to take inventory of their current possessions. Use a spreadsheet — or better yet, something online, like Google Sheets, so each spouse can access the data. This helps when it comes time to pare things down to a manageable amount; after all, who needs two of everything?

If you have already decided on a new residence, keep in mind its dimensions and layout to determine what items fit and what things can be donated to Goodwill. Of course, consider wedding gifts and the content of your registry when deciding what you need to keep. The important thing is to move as few belongings as possible when relocating.

Share Moving Tasks Equally

Both spouses need to contribute equally to the typical moving tasks like packing, cleaning, and loading. Be sure to help each other in your previous residences. If one spouse gets stuck doing most of the work, resentment might fester, which isn’t a good thing early on in a marriage.

Let Both Spouses contribute to Decor Choices

Deciding on the right decor for your new residence together has the potential to cause the first family argument. It is important to let both spouses contribute to this decision as long as both parties feel strongly about the issue. This is something that needs to happen early on in the relocation planning process, so any disagreements are dealt with before moving starts; it also plays a role in deciding which items to dispose of before packing starts.

Giving each spouse their own space in your new abode also fosters a sense of domestic calm. So consider that option if your new space allows for it.

Keep your Wedding Documents Handy

If moving out of state, make sure you keep your marriage license and certificate in a safe, handy place. If the wife is taking the husband’s last name, having these documents at the ready makes getting drivers licenses and even new utility services an easier process. This is also relevant for new bank accounts and insurance policies. Don’t misplace them when moving!

File Two Change of Address Forms

This may be obvious, but don’t forget to file two change of address forms — one for each spouse. In all the hustle and bustle around the wedding, honeymoon, and move, this is an important step that sometimes gets skipped.

In addition, a set of moving announcements for your friends and family helps to keep them informed of your new address. Consider including them with your thank you notes — maybe a set of house warming gifts will follow!

Getting married and moving into a home together is a time for celebration, not a reason to be stressed out. Good planning and sharing the work is the key to domestic tranquility. Hopefully these moving tips for newlyweds help to make your first year together one to savor.



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