Moving Timeline: How to Prepare for the Big Move


​​Worried about how to plan for your move? No worries – we’ve got a handy moving timeline for you to use right here!

Two Months Before the Move

You’ll be amazed how quickly the days fly buy. This far out you need to create a schedule for your move and start sorting your most important items for packing. Look for cheap or free packing boxes and materials now. This is also a good time to start doing research on moving companies and asking about availability and prices. In busy times it is not uncommon for movers to be booked weeks in advance.

7 Weeks Before the Move

Buy now you should be actively acquiring boxes, bubble wrap, and all packing supplies that you need. This is also a great time to take trips to the dump or Goodwill and get rid of all your unnecessary items. Your belongings should be organized and ready for packing this week – this also helps you know how many boxes and what types of boxes you are going to need.

6 Weeks to Go

This is a great point in the moving timeline to make long-term plans and deal with the many legal and organizational issues that arise during a move. Prepare to have your mail forwarded, get copies of your medical records, and so on. Continue the scout for cheap packing materials if necessary. You really need to settle on a moving company and book your moving services during this timeframe, too.

One Month Before the Move

With your moving company set and your packing materials ready to go, it’s time to ease into the packing itself. You probably have a lot of rarely used clothes, furniture and various long-storage belongings around. Pack these up and label them carefully.

This is also the time you will want to make arrangements with all your utility suppliers and apartment landlord/company. Let them know your moving date and when they need to switch off your services. For your new location, contact your utilities and make sure that everything – power, water, Internet, gas, etc. – will be turned on when you arrive.

2 Weeks Before the Move

All right, this is the time to start seriously packing everything you have. Plan on living the last week or so on disposable plates and out of a suitcase, if possible. Remember, electronics and dinnerware will take a particularly long time to pack and must be packed with care.

Along the way, you are likely to find many other exceptions as well. What will you do with your jewelry? How will your houseplants survive? Will your pet be ready to make the trip? Deal with these situations now so they don’t creep up on you.

1 Week Left

Finish up your packing and start cleaning your house room by room at this point in the moving timeline. Whittle down to the bare necessities. Confirm your move date with the moving company.

The Day Before

Defrost your fridge and freezer if necessary. Doublecheck to make sure you have everything you need and nothing appears to have been misplaced. Say all your final goodbyes, and then drive your own care. Remember to keep your valuables and important financial docs with you.

The Day After

Whew! Now that you are at your new destination and the end of the moving timeline, check all your utilities and mail services to make sure everything is in working order. Inventory your belongings to ensure that nothing is missing, too. Then the great move-in can begin!


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