Most Popular Alexa Features

most popular alexa features

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could up Alexa in charge of all the things we didn’t want to do? We could just say “Alexa, whip up some dinner.” or “Alexa, clean the bathroom.” and it would magically be done. It would be like having our very own Rosie from The Jetsons to help us out. While those things are just a little outside of Alexa’s abilities the things you can use the technology for are still amazing. Here are some of the most popular Alexa features.

Smart home controls

Since Alexa has so many great options we are going to lump the smart home control features all into one. You can use Alexa to control everything from the temperature in your home to seeing who is at the door when you are upstairs changing the baby. Here are just a few of the things that you can use Alexa to control: lighting, outlets, thermostats, locks, tv, security cameras, home theater, and even your vacuum (so maybe it is a little like Rosie).

Music on demand

As simple as it is this is a popular Alexa feature. You no longer have to search through playlists or radio stations to find the music you want to hear. A simple command to Alexa will get you listening to whatever it is you want to hear at the moment, handsfree. And, you can stream from Pandora and Spotify or listen to podcasts from iHeartRadio or TuneIn.

Ability to create routines

A nice feature about Alexa is you have the ability to group commands together to get things done faster. You no longer have to list out single commands. You can create routines that will accomplish multiple things at the same time. For example, you could say “Alexa, I’m home” and have the lights come on, tv turn on, and the heat kick up in the winter. There are many ways this can be tailored to exactly what you are looking for.

Make a call

Don’t you hate when you are in the middle of cooking, your hands are a mess, and you remember that you were supposed to call your mom back? Alexa will help you turn your Echo into a phone and you can make that call handsfree while you finish preparing your meal.

Multiroom audio

If you have more than one Echo in your house you are now able to control multiple speakers through Alexa. You can set the same music in each room if you are going to be cleaning for the day throughout the house, or you can make different selections for each speaker.

Have food delivered

So, Alexa might not be able to cook dinner for you, but she can have dinner delivered to you. Places like Dominos and Pizza Hut have jumped on the bandwagon and it probably won’t be long before there are a lot more that follow.

Create a list

You know how there are so many times you think of something you need from the store, but you are in the middle of doing something else so you don’t write it down? You forget before you have a chance to make a note. And, once you get back from the store you realize there are a bunch of items you forgot to get. Alexa works with multiple list apps, such as Cozi, to eliminate this problem for you. You simply tell Alexa what you need to add to the list. Then you can check your app once you are at the store.

Alexa might not be that full-blown robot to help you with your every task, but it sure can make your life easier. The more features you try, the more you will want to try. Get started with these Alexa features today and see where it leads you.


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