How to Prevent Injuries When Moving


The process of moving can be both exciting and stressful. Moving to another community provides the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. You can help make the experience more enjoyable by taking a few precautions. Here are some helpful tips and pointers to help keep you safe and prevent injuries when moving.

Wear Proper Clothing and Shoes

As you prepare to move and load your boxes, make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing that is comfortable but not too tight fitting. Depending on the time of season and outside temperatures, do not overdress, but at the same time have on enough layers to keep you warm during the winter months. Wear shoes such as sneakers or other footwear that provide good traction. You do not want to slip and slide on carpeted floors, pathways or sidewalks, which can result in injuries.

Pack Light and Do Not Overstuff Moving Boxes

While you are sorting through your belongings and packing items in moving boxes, do not overload the containers. It is better to pack light for several reasons. Overstuffing moving boxes can result in having the excessive load stress the containers so they end up breaking open. Lighter boxes are easier to lift and carry and reduce the possibility of injury when loading them onto a van.

Use the Correct Tools and Equipment

There are a variety of tools and equipment you can purchase or rent that will help to prevent injuries when moving. These include hand trucks and dollies that can be used for loading and moving stacks of boxes onto a van or trailer. Using this type of equipment is preferable to lifting the boxes yourself plus it is faster as you can stack multiple boxes and containers. You can purchase hand trucks and dollies at larger discount retail chain stores such as Walmart as well as home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.

Keep Walkways and Paths Clear of Obstacles

Keep all entrance ways and exits from your house to the moving van clear from obstacles. Remove any toys that your children or pets may have left lying on the floor as you could easily trip over them as you carry out boxes. During the colder winter months when there is snow and ice on the ground, make sure that sidewalks and stairwells leading into your house are adequately cleared, sanded, and salted to prevent injuries.

Use Proper Techniques when Lifting Boxes

Taking the proper standing position and lifting correctly is an important step toward preventing injuries when moving. A suggestion is to wear a back brace that will provide support and help you to stand straighter with the correct posture when lifting boxes and containers. To avoid injuries to your back, use the strength of your legs when lifting boxes. Do not bend your body over and reach down to pick up boxes. You must crouch down and squat toward the ground while keeping your back straight and use your legs during the process of lifting.

Drink Plenty of Water to Stay Hydrated

Moving day is one time you do not want to skimp on meals or drinks. You will need the energy provided by eating breakfast, lunch and or dinner to maintain your energy level. It is also important to keep hydrated as you pack and load boxes into the moving van or trailer. Drink plenty of water to stay nourished and to avoid dehydration throughout the day so that you do not get exhausted.

Take Occasional Breaks for Added Endurance

It is O.K. to take short breaks on moving day to catch your breath and reflect on the task at hand. If you push yourself too hard you may find yourself exhausted before you are even halfway through the process of loading containers, boxes and bins on the truck. Depending on the time of day, stop and have a bite to eat and enjoy a meal. You can order pizza or Chinese food from a local restaurant and get reenergized while you look forward to moving into your new home.​



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