How to Create Good Feng Shui When Moving to a New Home


As you navigate through the stressful process of getting organized for moving to a new home, you can create a more balanced environment that flows with positive energy by using Feng Shui. Based on the concept of the proper alignment and direction of the flow of energy, this ancient Chinese art works to harmonize your surroundings, which can help pave the way for a successful move into your new home.

What is Feng Shui and How Does it Work?

Based on the ancient knowledge and discipline of the universal concept of Chi energy that is present within all things in nature, the ancient practice of Feng Shui, translates to “wind and water.” In addition to the proper placement and alignment of belongings within your home, which will be covered later in this article, you can also create and extend that positive flow of energy and happiness within your surroundings by clearing your space of unwanted clutter and engaging in good housekeeping and cleaning practices in preparation for moving.

Create and Maintain Balance When Moving by Decluttering and Cleaning

This initial tip will eliminate old energy while producing positive Chi and a more harmonious environment. As you sort through boxes of things that you no longer use or want in preparation for moving, you will be closing the door to the past and infusing the space with a more positive vibration. Donations of items that you no longer need will also add happiness to another individual’s life. Keep on top of your clutter while you sort through stored items by continually cleaning and discarding broken things for trash removal and pickup. By keeping clean and organized during the preparation stage of moving, you will find that you have more energy as you continue to pack your belongings. Proper balance and lighthearted happiness will flow more easily. In addition to decluttering and cleaning, fixing broken items will also infuse the environment with more positive Chi energy.

Make Repairs to Broken Items to Add Strength and Vitality

This principle applies to both your current household and the new home to which you will be moving. Any items within your home that are broken, burned-out, or need repairs emanate negative energy into your surroundings. Items that do not function properly such as a lose doorknob, leaking shower hose, or worn out furniture pieces all contribute to an inharmonious environment. Being surrounded by things that are broken and do not work is like being near a garbage dump—the resulting effect is negative and unbalanced. Boost the Chi energy in your home by either fixing or dumping household items that need repairs.

Clear the Space in Your New Home to Remove Stagnant Energy

Professional Feng Shui masters often refer to this step as space clearing. What it essentially involves is removing remnants of lingering potential negative energy left by past tenants. The process can be as simple as opening all the windows to let fresh air circulate within the home to remove the past and make way for future. Other techniques include using special scented oils to infuse a more balanced sense of harmony within the household. The International Feng Shui Guild provides some helpful tips and suggestions on how to conduct a space clearing that includes a rededication and blessing of the household. offers some great decorating tips based on Feng Shui practices and techniques once you clear the space after you move in.

Strategically Place Furniture and Accessories for Balance and Harmony

Once you have moved into your new home and cleared the space to produce a harmonious foundation, the next step is to strategically place your furniture and accessories in each room. You can create a balanced environment that flows with more positive Chi energy by following a few tried and true practices. Although you will not be able to change the location of your new home or the directions in which the windows in each room face or where the doors are located, you can still produce a sense of happiness and balance throughout your household.

Suggestions include not placing furniture directly under a window or too close to a door as they are entry and exit points for the natural flow of energy. A more beneficial position would be to place furniture pieces directly against walls so that they are facing the center area of each room, which is known as the command position. Avoid clutter throughout your new home as this can inhibit the flow of lighter, more uplifting Chi energy. Create positive Chi energy and balanced harmony through the placement of colorful plants and flowers at your front door to create a welcoming sense of friendship to neighbors and others that may stop by to visit to say hello.​



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