How to Choose the Right Home Security System


Home security systems have managed to protect home owners and their families from invasion, burglary and property damage and/or trespassing for numerous years now. Each year the amount of home security systems increase, becoming more and more technically advanced, offering customers more options to choose from. Everyone requires home security systems for their own reasons, and whatever the reason may be for you, these are some of the things to consider before investing in one.

What’s your type?

Although some may think home security systems are relatively similar, that’s not all there is to it. Some systems come with video surveillance, while others are strictly wireless key pads that detect when windows or doors are opened in the home.  There are also the options of a monitored or unmonitored home security system. Monitored means if there’s unauthorized entry into the home, the alarm is triggered and a phone call is automatically made to 911 to notify authorities. Or, there is unmonitored and that puts the responsibility of contacting police in the hands of your neighbors or those nearby, since the alarm only sounds off an alarm. There is not automatic dial of 911.

What’s in your wallet?

As the home security systems differ in features and products, they also differ in price. The more advanced, usually the more expensive and customers sometimes have options to pay extra fees for extra qualities security system may come with. For example, monitored systems require customers to pay a monthly fee, while unmonitored systems don’t. Some people may be looking for a home security system that comes with every quality and feature offered to them, while others may be more comfortable settling with something simpler. Before purchasing a home security system, take a second to figure out what you want and can afford to pay for without breaking the bank. Also, keep in mind installation costs. While there are a lot of home security systems that require professional installation, there are also a lot that are Do-It-Yourself; the choice is the customers.

Read the Reviews

Sometimes this is an easy step to forget, but being aware of other customer experiences with home security systems can help further users in making the right decision when it’s their time to choose. Reading reviews will also provide users with insight on the installation process, the products of the security company and the customer service provided by the company. When a home security contract is signed, it usually lasts anywhere from a year to three years, which is why it’s so important to check reviews. No one wants to get stuck in a big contact with a company they’re unsatisfied with!

Whether buying the most qualified, top-notch security system, or the more simplistic one, any means of security is better than none. Don’t forget though, even with the best security system it’s still a good idea to continue to practice good security habit’s such as locking doors, and shutting windows before leaving the home.


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