How to choose the Right Apartment


You need to relocate for whatever reason, and you decided to move into an apartment instead of dealing with all the hassles involved with purchasing a home. Finding a great apartment in your new town or when staying in your current location isn’t too difficult once you know the steps involved. It is important to document the things you want in a residence, figure out what local neighborhoods are to your liking, and do your research.

With finding a great place to live in mind lets look at how to choose the right apartment. Before you know it, your friends are showing up for a housewarming party at your new digs. Let’s get to it.

Decide what Kind of Apartment Features you Need

The first step in your quest for a great apartment involves figuring out what features you need. If you have a small family, obviously more bedrooms are a must, but even if you are single, an extra room or two serves nicely as a home office or even a small recording studio. So decide on how many bedrooms you need to start the process.

If you like to cook, the size of your kitchen is probably important. While many apartments only offer small but functional kitchens, you can find something larger if you look hard enough. The latest appliance styles are also an important perk worth consideration for foodies.

Townhomes with basements offer more space, with some including a finished lower level, providing extra room for a spot to exercise or even a family room. Balconies let you set up a small container garden — another cool feature for those of you with a green thumb.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the number of bathrooms. If more than one person will be living in the apartment, at least a bath and a half is a must. Two full bathrooms definitely helps for small families.

What do you want in your Apartment Complex?

Your life situation helps to narrow down the type of apartment complex you’ll want. If you are single and interested in meeting other like-minded individuals, look for complexes with swimming pools, gyms, and an active party center. On the other hand, if you prefer a more quiet lifestyle, those extra perks aren’t as important; try to find a place with thick walls and maybe even a gated entry.

It is a smart idea for families to look for apartment communities with many other families. Your kids benefit from having a good supply of playmates to keep them busy and outdoors. Check to see if the complex maintains a playground area with newer and safe equipment.

High-rise apartments are more prevalent in urban areas. Their gated entries and great views make them suitable for adults, but may not be the best for children, considering their more private nature and the general lack of outdoor play areas.

What Location in Town do you want to Live?

The location of an apartment complex in your new town plays a big role on your final decision. Try to choose something close to your place of employment or school. Spending a few hours each day commuting wastes gas and adds to your overall stress level.

If you are without a car, finding a complex located close to a bus line or public transit is a must. Something within walking distance definitely helps during inclement weather — especially the snow and cold.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to find a complex close to the hippest restaurants and nightlife in your area. Families probably prefer something a bit more quiet with nearby parks, libraries, and schools.

Location is another aspect of the apartment hunt that varies depending on your lifestyle, so choose wisely.

Research Local Apartments to give yourself some Options

Once you’ve determined your perfect apartment feature set, apartment community, and what location in town you want to live, it is time to do your research. The Internet is arguably your best resource for finding appropriate complexes and information about the surrounding area. Social media websites, especially Facebook, are great for unbiased reviews on apartment complexes — post a question on any Facebook Group for the area in question and see what kind of responses you get.

After narrowing down your choices, visit your top choices and tour the community and sample units to see if their features match up with your needs. Obviously your budget comes into play, so see if you are able to get any deals on rent or maybe even a no deposit option.

So learning how to choose the right apartment was simple. Once you’ve decided on a new space, perform a utility lookup in your area so everything is ready when it comes time to move.‚Äč



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