How to Choose A Home Appliance Protection Plan


Appliances make our lives so much easier until they don’t. If your appliance always worked, there would be no problem. But, life happens and sometimes that means one, or a few, of the appliances in your house are going to need to be repaired. Those repairs can be costly unless you have a home appliance protection plan to cover the repairs. There are many options out there for protection plans so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for you.

What is a home appliance protection plan?

A home appliance protection plan is basically insurance on your appliances. If your covered appliance has an issue and isn’t working properly, or at all, you can place a service call. Your plan will cover the repairs and/or replacement of your appliance. It’s important that you read the details of the plan before you purchase it so you can understand exactly what will be covered.

Energy companies offer plans that allow you to pay monthly to cover your appliances. Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to when purchasing a plan:

1.Compare apples to apples when comparison shopping

Comparison shopping is important because it allows you to get the best deal available on your plan. However, not all plans are the same which can make comparisons tricky. You need to look at the details. One plan may be significantly less money because it doesn’t offer the same level of coverage that a more expensive plan offers. Some websites like FPL Energy Services make it very easy to see what items will be covered under your plan.


2.Determine your needs

If you pay for a plan that covers appliances you don’t have you are essentially throwing money away. Programs like the ones offered by Duke Energy allow you to pick and choose which type of coverage you need instead of forcing you to buy one-size fits all packages.

3.What is your budget

Before committing to a plan you need to determine how much you can afford to realistically spend. But, remember that the money you are paying now means that you won’t have to pay the expensive repair bills that could be coming down the line. More than anything, you are paying for peace of mind.

4.Will they replace items

Some protection plans will replace the item for you and others will only cover the cost of repairs. If the appliance protection plan will replace your appliance find out if they replace with new or used appliances.

5.Check response times

There are some appliances that you don’t want to have a long wait time on getting fixed. Before purchasing a plan, find out what the average wait time is before the company is able to get to your house for a service call. When you are looking into this you should also check online reviews to see about their customer service.

Home appliance protection plans can save you money and remove stress in your life. There are plans that will cover anything from game controllers that are ruined due to surges all the way to your HVAC systems. Make sure you protect the appliances and systems that are important to you. Paying a little bit at a time is going to be easier to handle than paying for an expensive repair or replacement all at once.


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