Helpful Tips for Packing Clothing When Moving


There are several creative solutions you can use for packing clothing in preparation for moving. Closet organization tools includes some readily available resources you may already have as well as considering trying some innovative storage ideas to save space.

Efficient Options Include Leaving Clothes in Your Dresser

There is no better way to pack clothes during a move then to simply leave them neatly tucked away in your dresser drawers. Most moving companies will be happy to transport your bedroom furniture pieces with clothing safely stored inside. You will have fewer boxes to initially pack and later unload and sort through after the move. Make sure that you create a checklist of where your clothing is packed prior to moving so you know where everything is when you settle in to your new home.

Pack Lightweight Clothes in Clear Plastic Storage Bins

Consider using lightweight plastic clear storage bins to protect your clothing, shoes, hats, and accessories during a move. These plastic bins are heavy-duty and some include secure latching lids that can provide added protection for your more valued pieces such as leather and furs. A variety of sizes are available to hold both small and large items and many retail stores including discount chains such as Walmart regularly have them in stock. The also offers a great selection of plastic moving storage bins.

Use Vacuum Sealed Bags for Seasonal Clothing to Save Space

Vacuum sealed bags offer another alternative way to pack your seasonal clothing. With this method you will pack your clothes into a plastic storage bag and use a vacuum to remove all the air. The end result safely compresses a huge stack of clothes down to just a few inches. This is a great way to pack and store those pieces of clothing that may be out of season such as warm weather garments or winter clothing depending on the time of year. You can purchase the vacuum storage bags in a variety of sizes at local retail stores such as Dollartree and Walmart.

Hang Coats, Suits, Blouses, and Shirts in Rented Clothing Wardrobes

Clothing wardrobes are the way to go to simplify the process of moving heavy coats and other pieces that you have on hangers in your closet. Made from heavy-duty cardboard, the majority of moving companies have them on hand to rent to consumers. These unique portable closets have bars inserted in the top of the boxes for the easy placement of clothing that is on hangers. Staples, Uline, and Uhaul are a few places you can purchase clothing wardrobes if you decide to go the route of a do-it-yourself move.

Take Advantage of Storage Space Provided by Your Suitcases

Why not take advantage of unused storage space during your move by packing a few items in your suitcases? When packing clothing for a vacation, most consumers never give a second thought to stuffing their suitcases with everything it can hold. You can use your suitcases to store a day or two of clothing that you will wear while you unpack and settle into your new home. It is probably one of the last places you may have thought of using to pack clothing in preparation for moving—but suitcases were designed for mobile storage during travel—so go for it!



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