Get a Handle on Your XFINITY X1 remote


Remember back in the day when you had to get up and walk over to the television in order to change the channel? That seems like a long time ago. Now, we don’t even have to physically control all the buttons on your remote to control the TV. The Xfinity X1 voice command remote is not only functional and efficient, but helpful and fun. Here are some of the cool things that your remote can do for you.

Change your channel

Obviously, you expect your remote to change the channel on your tv, but the Xfinity X1 does it with simple voice commands. You can say the name of the channel you want to watch or the channel number. Or, you can simply ask your remote to find your favorite show instead of searching the channels for something good that is on at the moment.

Control your DVR with voice commands

You can use voice commands to set up shows that you want to record and find the shows that have already been recorded. And, while you are watching a show that has been DVR’d you can use the voice commands with your Xfinity X1 remote to start, stop, and pause the show.

Find your favorite person

Your Xfinity X1 remote can help you find your favorite actor, singer, and director. If you are unsure of exactly what you want to watch or listen to, but you know who you want to be involved you can ask your remote to find it for you. Are you in the mood for an ol’ fashioned western? Then, search for Clint Eastwood. Or, if you just can’t think of the name of one of your artist’s favorite song you can simply search by their name to find your result.

Get recommendations

If you just don’t know what you want to watch your remote will make recommendations for you. You can use a command like “What should I watch?” to see what results it turns up. Or, if you know a show or movie you really like your remote can help you find things that are like it. For example, if you already watched Jurassic World, and want to see something similar you can ask it to “Show me more like Jurassic World” to see the recommendations.
Your Xfinity X1 remote can also help you find out what’s playing at a certain time. If you want to decide what you are going to watch later in the day you can ask to find out what is going to be on. You can search by a specific time to find out what’ s playing.

Access the Xfinity apps

Your Xfinity has apps that you can access through your remote. If you are watching the national news in the morning, but want to check the local traffic before you start your commute you can access the traffic app. When you have a busy morning, this is a great way to save time and find out everything you need to know without having to stop and search it on your own.

Lock your remote

Children are amazing at figuring out technology. If you want to keep your child from having access to your remote, you can. There is actually an option that allows you to lock your remote and you have to push a series of buttons to push in order to unlock it.
If TV watching is the way you unwind after a long day then your activity is now even easier. You don’t have to waste time surfing through channels because your remote can find exactly what you are looking for. Xfinity X1 takes the hassle out of your downtime.


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