Free Services for Streaming Music

free services for streaming music

Need to get your jam on, but don’t want to pay a monthly fee to stream music? Check out these ad-supported streaming music providers! In this list, we’ve rounded up some of the best free music streaming apps that let you stream your favorite artists and genres, wherever you might happen to be!



This streaming music service has compatible apps for Roku, Kindle Fire, Nook and Sonos in addition to Web, iOS and Android devices. Users can mix, blend and otherwise customize up to 100 music channels and have access to an unlimited number of skips if they don’t feel like listening through a specific song.

Search by artist or keyword, featured channels or choose from over 50 specific genres to play the type of music you enjoy! Rating music and banning specific artists or tracks makes it easier for users to find recommendations that truly fits their music taste.

Signing up and logging in allows users to listen to less commercials than if they just navigate to the site and start playing music. Listeners can also discover new, emerging and independent artists and bands, as the site includes recordings not typically played on standard AM/FM radio stations.

Google Play Music


Ad-supported streaming radio service, allows users to listen to an extensive catalog of songs in numerous genres, and import up to 50,000 of their own songs from their content library and use the app to play them on nearly any Web, iOS or Android device. To start streaming music, just search for an artist, song or genre.

For a monthly fee of $9.99, users can access over 40 million songs and listen to them on demand, ad free. Songs can be downloaded and listened to offline with the subscription, which also comes with YouTube Red. Family plans allow up to 6 users on the account for $14.99 per month.



This service offers free live radio streams, just click one or more panels from the genre grid to let the program know what type of music you want to listen to. The app displays the title of the song and name of the artist that’s currently playing, but, doesn’t let you rewind live tracks. One of its best features is that it allows you to view the lyrics and creator’s bio while the track is actually playing.

You can playback at any time if you buy and download tracks from vendors such as Apple, Google and Amazon. If you don’t like listening to the ads, you can upgrade to either iHeartRadio Plus for a monthly charge of $4.99, or iHeartRadio All Access for $9.99 a month.

Plus allows users to save songs to playlists, replay tracks and playback of tracks on demand. All Access allows listeners to access a larger catalog of songs that boasts millions of tracks, along with unlimited playlists, and offline playback of their favorite songs.

Apps are available that allow users to stream their favorite music to many devices, including iOS and Android, Web, Mac, Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire Phone. Several sound systems and smart speakers are also compatible with the app, including Linkplay, LG SmartThinQ Hub, Bluesound, Amazon Echo and Bose SoundTouch. It’s also compatible with Roku, Chromecast, TiVo, PS and Xbox. Some wearables, such as Apple Watch, Android Wear, Samsung Gear 2 and Pebble are also compatible with its app.



Available for web, iOS and Android users, when you sign up for free, the app allows you to ditch most of those pesky ads! This provider plays only one audio ad per day once you sign up and log in, rather than playing ads between songs like other streaming providers! Text-based ads are still a part of the site’s visual content.

The site features a very streamlined dashboard. Users can choose from three languages: English, Spanish or Portuguese. They can also play, rewind or fast forward through tracks and search for their favorite stations based on genre, decades or artists. Don’t like a particular artist or song? Simply add them to your banned list.

One rather unique feature of this service is that it allows listeners to send a tip to up to five of their favorite emerging artists. To accomplish this, Jango has entered into a partnership with a third-party provider of virtual currency, NeuCoin. The site also allows users to rate individual songs by giving a thumb up or down.

Before streaming music online became so mainstream, was one of the first providers in the industry. The site is still going strong and has a few unique ways to help users find music that they like and want to listen to. For example, users can pick a country from a worldwide map to discover what users in that country are listening to at the moment.

Users can also drag circles to create Venn diagrams that allows them to sample music from different eras and genres. Find new tunes, mix music and create new stations to listen to using the site’s scrobbler tool. Spiking artists and tracks allows users to listen to the current top hits.

For $3 a month, listeners can subscribe browse the site and use the app ad free. They also enjoy other benefits, such as access to additional stats and reports.



Users just enter a song or artist in the search bar to begin creating radio stations where they can stream songs by a specific artist, along with similar tracks by others. This music service is powered by a complex algorithm known as the “Music Genome Project” that analyzes over 450 attributes of each song to categorize its content and help users be able to better discover music they will really enjoy.

Users can then create up to 100 unique stations, that they can later further tweak and refine as they listen and rate songs. Be careful when you rate songs though. If you give a song a thumb down, it will never play again on that station!

Users that want better quality audio, and don’t like listening to ads can upgrade to Pandora Plus for $4.99 a month. This upgrade gives users unlimited skips, offline listening of up to 3 stations, and the ability to replay tracks.

Pandora Premium is $9.99 a month and provides all of the benefits of Pandora Free and Plus while giving users the ability to search for, and play specific songs, on demand. There’s also no timeouts, and you can listen to more than 3 stations offline. Users can also create more personalized playlists.


Sign up for a free, ad-supported account, and download the app for your Web, iOS or Android device. Use the Shuffle feature to listen to any playlist, artist, or album for free.

Upgrade to Spotify premium for just $9.99 a month, before any discounts or special promotions. Doing so allows you to mix more music and create more complex playlists.

It’s also the only way to use the service and listen to specific song tracks at any time, on demand. Premium users can even download music to listen to later, from any location.

Like other subscription services, upgrading to a premium account allows users to listen to tracks ad-free and offers an unlimited number of skips as well.

What’s Your Favorite Way to Stream Music?

Of course, there are more ways to stream music than just these seven. What’s your favorite way to listen to music? Did we leave a great streaming music provider off our list? Why not share some of your favorite music services in our comments section below?


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