Coolest Things People are doing with Google Home


Smart homes and smart products are taking over the news and making our lives easier. A lot of the attention has been focused on Amazon Alexa. However, back in the fall, Google Home put out a few updates that made them a strong competitor. Some people even feel that it has surpassed Alexa. Here are a few ways that you can use Google Home other than the basic home monitoring and energy saving options.

1.Cooking together

Smartphones removed the need to have loads of cookbooks stored away in your kitchen, but it did leave one big problem. It’s just about impossible to not get your fun covered in gunk when you try to scroll through a recipe with dirty hands. Now, Google Home can actually read your recipe to you. You no longer need to wash your hands a hundred times throughout the process. Simple get your ingredients ready and tell Google Home to “Start cooking”.

2.Locate your phone

Many people no longer have a home phone in their house and it’s usually not a problem until you lose your smartphone. We usually don’t notice our phones are missing until we are ready to walk out the door. Then we end up late to wherever we are going because we have to tear the house apart trying to find our phones, which always end up in the most obvious location. The good news is when you use the IFTTT app, Google Home can actually assist you in finding your phone. You let it know you need to find your phone and it will turn on an alert sound on your phone that you can follow.

3.Be entertained

Well, this might be a little more “silly” than “cool”, but we still think it’s worth mentioning. If you are bored or just need a laugh ask your Google Assistant to tell you a joke. Many of them are incredibly corny, but they are the kind that you can’t help but laugh at.

4.Check your commute

The morning news can be downright depressing and isn’t the way many people want to start their mornings. While you get ready for work do something you enjoy instead of listening to the news. If you need to know what the weather or traffic will be like for your commute to work you can use Google Home to help you out.

5.Have it keep track of things for you

Not only can you use Google Home to find your phone, but you can use it remind you of where you put anything. If you have the habit of putting things in a “safe place” and then forgetting where that safe place is you will love this option. Imagine you just got a check in the mail and you put it in a dresser drawer so you will not lose it. You can let Google know where you are putting the check. Then, later when you can’t find it you can simply ask Google where you put it.

If you find yourself with a little extra time and nothing to do you can entertain yourself. Just for fun ask all kinds of questions. There is a personality built into the Google Assistant that makes it entertaining to use. Don’t forget that you can still use Google Home for the traditional uses as well. You can connect your smart home devices to it so you can control your appliances, security system, lights, and temperature from anywhere. The options are almost endless.


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