Common Moving Mistakes you need to Avoid


Common Moving Mistakes you need to Avoid

Relocation is a stressful enough process even when no problems crop up, but avoiding some common moving mistakes helps to make everything go a bit easier. Nobody wants to be unpacking at their new residence when realizing an important item was forgotten at their old house. It is vital to keep a clear mind, as relocating requires making a plan and following it closely.

So, let’s take a look at a few mistakes to avoid when planning your move.

Don’t rely on Friends as your Professional Movers

While it may save you some money in the short term, relying on your friends to act as your moving crew is not a chance worth taking, especially if you are moving out-of-town or out-of-state. Consider the following scenario: two friends with a trucks promise to be at your old house at a certain time, while a few other friends are showing up to help carry boxes and large furniture. You promise a pizza and beer party at your new abode after the move is complete.

What happens if one or both of your truck-owning friends have an issue preventing their timely arrival — maybe their truck broke down? Your other friends are stuck sitting around waiting for naught, and someone comments about how you should have rented your own moving truck. Their advice came a little too late.

If you have friends willing to help you move, consider renting your own moving truck, or consider some form of relocation cube; that way everyone is able to help when they arrive. Ultimately, paying extra for professional movers gives you the piece of mind this aspect of relocation will go more smoothly than simply relying on your friends and family.

Forgetting to file an Address Change

Filing an address change needs to be one of the first items on your moving checklist. The United States Post Office offers a convenient service to hold your mail during the move process and forward it to your new residence for up to a year after you moved. They also provide you information on the other parties you need to notify about your pending relocation.

The IRS and your state’s income tax authority also need notification of your relocation, especially if you’ve moved out-of-state. The same rule applies regarding the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you are in a new state, you generally only get a few weeks to purchase new license plates for your vehicles.

Don’t forget to notify your insurance providers and other financial institutions. Informing automobile and health insurance companies before you move is especially important — the latter more so in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, as there are significant state-by-state differences in the act’s implementation.

Make sure your New Residence has Power — Before your Move

Forgetting to schedule your utilities to be operational before your arrival is one of the bigger moving mistakes. You probably are able to get by without cable TV and Internet for a few days after you move, but electricity and phone service are a must. Make the effort to research the local utilities at your new residence and inform them of your moving date so everything is ready when unpacking.

Enough Moving Boxes and Supplies are a Must

So some friends agreed to help you pack for your move, and after an hour or two, you’ve run out of moving boxes and packing tape. It is late on the weekend and your local office supply store is closed. Don’t make this mistake, order more than enough moving supplies before you start packing. If your friends agreed to help you — and actually showed up — don’t waste their time and your time!

Failure to Plan might be the Biggest Moving Mistake

If you don’t work in business as a project manager, relocation may be the most complex task you’ll ever undertake. Failure to properly plan for your move is probably the biggest moving mistake you can make. Create a checklist of everything required for a move, and order it so the tasks you need to do first are at the top of the list.

Using a spreadsheet application, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, is a great way to keep your plan together on your computer or online, so you won’t lose it. If you fail to plan your relocation properly, chances are good you’ll make one of the other moving mistakes in this article.

The bottom line is to plan properly for your move. Take note of all the moving mistakes in this article and don’t repeat them! Soon, you’ll be able to relax at your new house or apartment.‚Äč


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