Beginners Guide to Using the Cloud


With easily accessible information, undeniably safer measures of storing data, and its affordable pricing, cloud storage is not only reliable, but it’s easy on the wallet. So, it’s no wonder why so many people today use it to hold their personal or valuable data. For those just beginning to use the cloud for storage, it’s always better to first understand the basics; consider this the beginners guide.

1. First and foremost, if it wasn’t already made apparent, cloud storage is not an actual physical item. It is a means of uploading and saving important data or personal information onto an online server that can be accessed by that person from any device, in any location, as long as there’s an Internet connection. For example, iPhone users use iCloud, a specific cloud service provided by apple. Though, this isn’t an actual object given to iPhone users. The iCloud is just a service provided by Apple that is used to acquire and then obtain information from customer’s devices, by their request.

2. There are four kinds of cloud storage options; public, private, community, and hybrid. A private cloud uses a secure network that’s protected by a computer system, called a firewall, which is designed to inhibit unauthorized access to user’s stored information. Using a private cloud avoids a majority of the potential security risks that can come with moving around information, and it is the user’s responsibility to maintain or update the data stored. Unlike a private storage option, a public cloud holds data that is supported and dealt with by the provider of the service, instead of the user. This is normally used by those looking to often share or provide access to that data. A community cloud option was created for those looking to use cloud on a bigger scale, for things such as organizations, and a hybrid is simple a combination of both public and private cloud. In other words, it’s a storage option that allows usage of both public and private cloud services.

3. Once users have chosen the type of cloud they prefer to use there are some simple steps to take in order to avoid any errors or issues during the transference of data. For example, before using the cloud, be sure there’s a strong internet connection. Unreliable internet connections put users at risk for a slower transfer of information. Also make sure to create backups for the information being moved, since there is always chance of error. Keeping a backup is precautionary, but important nonetheless.

Although Cloud storage comes in all shapes and sizes, they all ultimately work towards the same goal; providing users with the high security storage they’re looking for. And, although figuring out how to work cloud storage can be a bit intimidating at first glance, it’s actually a lot simpler than those would imagine. It doesn’t require a computer whiz, or someone tech savvy to use the cloud. Just a couple steps, with a little beginners guide help, and users are on their way to better means of storage!



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