Auto Transport Services Moving Checklist


Auto transport services are a great option to consider for consumers who plan to make a long distance or cross country move across thousands of miles. While you travel to your new home within the comfort of an airline cabin, train or bus, your vehicles will be safely shipped using transport carrier moving services that are available nationwide.

Research Potential Transport Companies for Reputation and Reliability

You can narrow down your choices and find the best auto transport services company by doing your homework and conducting background checks as well as reading consumer reviews. Try to stick with unbiased business reviews by reading comments by consumers that have actually used the auto transport services of a particular company.

The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) offers an extensive selection of helpful guides and tips to help you find an auto transport services company that is licensed, bonded, insured, and also complies with federal regulations. Another option includes visiting the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that offers a variety of helpful moving resources for consumers.

Comparison Shop for Competitive Quotes and Savings

Available online resources to help you choose auto transport services includes sites that offer comparison shopping tools to get the best prices. These types of services will provide you with free nationwide quotes from multiple moving companies for competitive rates.,, and are a few sites you can use when shopping for the lowest prices.

The process of getting a free quote is easy and quick and only requires some minimal information including where you will be moving to plus the vehicle make, year, and model and the tentative moving date. Directly contacting moving companies that offer auto transport services within your area is another option to explore if you get positive referrals from friends, neighbors, or coworkers.

Shipping Options for Transporting Vehicles

Consumers can choose from a variety of auto carrier transport methods to safely ship their vehicles during a move. Options include open-air transport for long-distance shipping, which is a good choice if you are moving cross country. You can go the route of using either a single vehicle carrier or a large multiple-level trailer for loading your vehicles in preparation for long distance moving. Both methods will keep your car, truck or SUV safely off the road while providing safe transport to your new home.

For those consumers that may own more expensive, highly valued collectible antique cars or vehicles, the enclosed transport trailer option may be the better choice. Your vehicles will be not be exposed to potential road debris such as dirt and dust that normally occur when driving on open roads. Your car, truck or SUV will be safely loaded within the interior cargo area of the auto transport carrier and will be protected from outside elements and extreme weather conditions during shipment.

Checklist of Items to Cover Before and After the Move

  • Confirm insurance coverage for your vehicles prior to transport. Keep in mind that if you have deductibles you may have to pay them if damage occurs during shipment. Some auto transport companies may offer additional insurance coverage to protect your vehicles from damage at an additional cost.
  • Get a pre-inspection of your vehicles before the move and note the overall condition inside and out. Taking photos prior to transport is a good idea toward taking preventative measures if any damage claims should arise during shipment. Make sure you check your vehicle again after it arrives at its new destination.
  • If you plan on moving to another state, make plans to visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get new plates for your car, truck or SUV and a new license. You can visit the DMV website for the state you will be moving to for details about fees and hours of operation.
  • offers consumers a variety of quick and easy online resources and tools that include address change services so you can keep connected before and after your move to a new home. Create and store all your moving information for efficient notification of your new address for multiple contacts that includes the DMV, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, credit cards, insurance, and much more.


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