Amazon’s Smart Home Stores


It’s no secret that Amazon has been taking over the retail world little by little. There is something that is just nice about having your purchases show up at your doorstep. And, if you take advantage of the Prime account you barely have to wait to receive them. But, their footprint is starting to spread even further now.  They are beginning to set up shop in other brick and mortar stores of other retailers.

The announcement

Amazon and Kohl’s recently announced a collaboration that will allow you to shop for an Amazon Echo and a new outfit at the same time. Four Kohl’s locations in Southern California have rolled out this new partnership with a part of their store being dedicated to setting up an Amazon shop.

Amazon’s focus is on creating “smart home” shops where you can easily check out and purchase devices like Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, Amazon Echo, Echo Dots, and an array of accessories. This is great news for everyone that wants to see a product before they buy it. You can also find out more information about your options.

What else is being offered

Not only can you purchase the products to build a smart home, you can schedule to have our house evaluated by an expert. They will come to your house to help you determine what your needs are and to help you install the products.

But, that’s not all. These Amazon “shops” will also be a place where Amazon customers can stop by to drop off products that they need to return. While the details released on this have been vague it is good news for people that don’t mind driving to a store in order to avoid paying for return shipping. Kohl’s takes on the extra work for you and handles the packaging and shipping of the items back to Amazon.

This situation is a win-win for the two companies. The Kohls locations are able to take advantage of the extra traffic they will receive from Amazon customers coming into the store. And, Amazon will benefit from having a location that allows them to get their products in front of people on a daily basis.

One of Amazon’s goals of doing this is to provide their customers with exceptional service and a great experience. Amazon customers that are at the location to make a return are able to park in designated parking spots near the front of the store.

Store locations

If you live in southern California and want to check out one of these Amazon shops for yourself, here are the locations:

  • Bella Terra Shopping Center at Huntington Beach
  • Colonies Crossroads at Upland
  • Citrus Plaza at Redlands
  • Torrance Towne Center at Torrance

What else does Amazon have in store?

Amazon is set to open it’s first storefront in Orange County in early 2018. This will be a place where customers can pick up their packages and access secure self-service lockers. Soon college campuses will also have Instant Pickup stores available right on campus, making it even easier for college students to purchase from the online retailer.

After the news in 2017 of Amazon buying out Whole Foods, there is a lot going on with this company. What once started as a simple place to shop online has turned into a retailer that provides smart home services and is branching into brick and mortar locations.  Look for an Amazon shop to pop up around you.





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