Amazon Now Sells Home Security Services

1640 Smart Home Services Security Package

Amazon is one of the powerhouses of online selling, with offerings in virtually every category you can think of. One of Amazon’s most recent inroads is the home security market, an industry that has seen extensive change lately. This is primarily due to the rise of DIY solutions that are less expensive than those offered by traditional companies. This shakeup has led to opportunities for retailers like Amazon to step in and take advantage of this lucrative industry.

Reasons to Use Amazon’s Home Security Solutions

Amazon offers a different set of security solutions than usually found with traditional providers. The advantages are significant enough to make Amazon’s offerings the right choice for many types of home owners and renters.

  • Cost: An absence of fees, and several tiers to choose from, form an expense well within the budget of most residents. This has typically been the barrier for most residents who forgo home security solutions, and brings a valuable product within reach of just about anyone who needs it.
  • Professional Assistance: Each tier includes two separate visits by one of Amazon’s professionals. The first is to determine which package is right for you, and the second is to provide instruction and installation. These are not sales people, they are real professionals who have received extensive instruction in all aspects of home security.
  • No Commitments: Lengthy contracts seen with most services provided by traditional companies are non existent with Amazon. This means you no longer need to be locked into a long commitment to receive protection for your home.
  • Tech Integration: Each package can be configured to include smart devices you already own. Alerts to mobile devices are also provided in case of emergency, or to talk with visitors.

Home Security Packages Offered by Amazon

Amazon currently offers five different tiers of solutions. Each of these tiers offer a different level of protection, and a price tag to match. Whether you are looking for basic protection or something extremely comprehensive, Amazon likely has a package to match.

  • Outdoor Base: At $250, the Outdoor Base tier is the most inexpensive inclusion in Amazon’s lineup. The main goal of the Outdoor Base is to make it look like you are still home, which can discourage would-be thieves from making an attempt to rob you. Outdoor components include an LED light with motion sensors, solar lights, and a waterproof, wireless speaker. Smart interior lights used to simulate occupancy and the Amazon Echo Dot device are also part of the package.
  • Indoor Base: The second lowest in price at $320, the Indoor Base package is designed for the protection of your home’s interior. This is accomplished with sensors on entryway points, such as windows and doors. An interior camera is included, along with an alert siren, and a smart hub to tie it all together.
  • Outdoor Plus: This package adds everything from the Outdoor Base selection with a video doorbell with a live feed on a smartphone. The price for this package is $490.
  • Smart: If you are looking for a solution to cover the whole house, the Smart package is the one to start with. Smart comes with both indoor and outdoor necessities, such as a smart alert siren, sensors for motion and entry points, the Amazon Echo Dot, a doorbell with video capabilities, and the hub for them all. The Smart package will currently run you $575.
  • Smartest: The Smartest includes the most devices and features of them all. In fact, this package contains everything found in the other options, except for indoor lighting. Extras include sensors for floods and leaks, and a device that monitors the quality of your home’s air. This package currently costs $840.

Amazon is clearly recognized as one of the top online retailers of today, and is quickly poising itself to achieve the same height of success in the area of home security. If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet comprehensive home security solution, Amazon’s offerings are well worth checking out.



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