Alexa Now on Sonos


Beginning in October of 2017, members of Sonos’ beta program have been able to install Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, on existing Sonos speakers. To be able to use Alexa to control your system with a few simple voice commands, all it takes is installing an update and completing a few additional, easy steps.

Connecting Alex to Existing Sonos Speakers is Fast and Pain-Free!

To get started, you will need to update to Sonos, version 8.0. Once the update is complete, just search the Alexa app and add Alexa Skill for Sonos.

Next, sign in through Alexa and complete the authentication process for both Amazon and Sonos. Finally, use the discover feature to search for your Alexa supported devices, like the Echo or Dot, and connect them to begin enjoying hands-free control of your system!

Important Considerations When Connecting Alexa to Older Sonos Speakers

One thing to keep in mind when connecting Alexa to your older, existing Sonos speakers is that these systems were not designed to specifically work with Alexa, or any other voice control. This means that you might notice some inconsistencies in performance when you issue a voice command.

Sonos One is a Better Choice if Your Prefer Flawless Control Over Your Music

If perfect synchronization between Alexa and Sonos is very important to you, then you might want to consider replacing your existing speakers and upgrading to an entirely different speaker system, the all-new Sonos One. This speaker has several features that can offer a better music listening experience, including being optimized for use with Alexa.

Benefits of Using Alexa to Control Your Sonos

Alexa lets you control which room you play music in. For example, if you want to play music on your Sonos speaker in the living room, just say, “Alexa, play music in the living room.”

When you begin playing music through a Sonos speaker, Alexa will automatically play from your default music service. Some of the top services that Alexa can control on your Sonos include: Sirius XM, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, Tidal, Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Users can swap their default music service at any time, which is especially helpful for users that subscribe to more than one. If you want to play music from a different service, without switching your default, just ask Alexa to do so.

For example, you can play your favorite playlists at Spotify simply by asking Alexa to do so. You no longer have to start your music through the Sonos app to listen to your favorites. You can, however, still start your music through the Sonos app if you choose to do so. In this situation, Alexa enables you to access basic Sonos controls such as Play, Skip, Pause and Volume level by speaking the command.

Additional Alexa on Sonos Limitations

Currently, Alexa can be used to control your Sonos system in only the following countries: The United States, UK, Germany and Austria. If you live elsewhere you are currently out of luck if you want Alexa to control your Sonos. You will also need a fully functional Internet connection, Wi-Fi router, updated Sonos system and Alexa device to begin streaming your favorite music at the sound of your voice.


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