7 Home Tech Products to Upgrade Your Space Now

7 home tech products to upgrade your space now

Everyone’s always looking for the next best thing and due to our generation’s constant yearn for innovation, new technologies and technological improvements arise each year. Now that the new year has just started, its expected there’s some fresh technology on the way, but as of right now, these are some of the more recently released home tech products to keep an eye on in order to help upgrade your living space.

The Amazon Echo

This first product includes a family of items; the Echo Dot, the Echo, and the Echo Plus. All three products possess nearly the same qualities – their differences lie in their shape and pricing. The Echo Dot is smaller and less expensive, while the Echo and Echo Plus are larger speakers with slightly more profound audio due to its size and are sold at a higher price. The Amazon Echo products are voice-controlled speakers with the capability to control smart home devices and products. Similar to the way Siri comes with iPhone’s, the Echo’s come with Alexa and she will adhere to any request made that stands within her capability. These products can do anything from making and receiving calls or text messages to controlling lights, locks, and T.Vs.

EcoBee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee’s Smart Thermostats may be some of the highest rated thermostats available today. Ecobee sells three smart thermostats; the EcoBee3, the EcoBee3 lite and the EcoBee4. The EcoBee3, and EcoBee3 lite are very similar, the lite edition just offers a smaller price, a bit of a slimmer look and does not include room sensors. The EcoBee4, the most recently released smart thermostat, comes with Amazon’s Alexa built into it, unlike EcoBee3 and EcoBee3 lite. (Which both still work with Alexa, but don’t originally come with it.) Since it comes with Alexa, it has the ability to complete tasks such as to tell time or play games.

Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch

Caséta, by Lutron, has released a couple Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Kits, the most basic being the Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit. This product allows for control over smart lighting in one room. The other options available offer control over two rooms, one offers control over 4 plug in lamps or 17 ceiling bulbs. The Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit offers many features, including automatic adjustment to seasons or daylight savings time, lights can automatically be turned on and off and the switch can be controlled by a remote or through a smartphone. Lutron switches are not only easy to install, but there are guidelines to help with the installation process already listed on the website.

Perfect Blend

To all the smoothie, protein shake, or milk shake lovers, this minor tech upgrade is the solution to any blender problems. The Perfect Blend Company offers two of the highest quality blenders; the Perfect Blend Pro and the Perfect Blend 2.0. The Perfect Blend Pro design is stainless steel, has a LCD display and is pricier than the Perfect Blend 2.0, but both come with wireless Bluetooth and to-go cups. These blenders can be used to make anything from beverages to soups and sauces. Plus, Perfect Blend now has an app that can help users find recipe’s, calculate nutrition and time how long foods need to be blended for.

Nest Protect Smoke & CO alarm

Almost everyone has some type of smoke detector in their house, but this product gives smoke alarms a whole new meaning. Not only does this smoke and carbon monoxide alarm have options of a battery powered Nest Protect or a wired one, but the process involved in setting up the alarm can be done through a user’s iPhone, iPad, IOS and Android devices. The Nest Protect Smoke & CO alarm has a very small, discrete design and although it’s fairly simple to install without help, there are videos provided to help with the process. Nest Protect uses a voice to alert homeowners if it senses any fire or carbon monoxide and its color shows users its battery life. This product also comes with an app that allows users to silence alarms just with the tap of a button.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is the key, literally, to keeping homeowner’s residence safe when they’re on the go and forget to lock up! This keyless lock is a must, although pricey, its well worth it’s cost. The way this smart lock works, is simply by attaching it to any already existing deadbolt, then through the user’s mobile device, they have the ability to instantly lock or unlock the door, from any location. The August Smart Locks available include the August Smart Lock, August Smart Lock Pro and the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. The differences between the locks are their prices and the August Smart Lock doesn’t work with Apples HomeKit and Siri.

June Intelligent Oven

This toaster oven can do more than the average toaster oven. This highly advanced June Intelligent Oven is so intelligent, it can determine the temperature of the inside of the food being placed in the toaster and is then able to calculate the correct cooking temperature. It can be used to cook any kinds of food, from raw meats to baked goods and there’s even an internal camera that’s used to recognize over 25 foods in order to cook them to absolute perfection. The toaster oven is also touch screen and can be controlled from anywhere through an IOS App. The app can also tell customers when their meal is ready and, unlike many other toaster ovens, has a pretty attractive design.

Thanks to technology, people’s everyday lives are more time-convenient and more efficient than ever. Even the simplest tasks can be made a little bit simpler with just a couple upgrades within your living space.


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