10 Popular Devices to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home


Have you heard of a smart home? Are you wondering what the big deal is about? Smart homes are the next big thing in technology and real estate. Turning your home into a smart home is not only a good idea while you live in it, but it adds to the resale value as well. Are you still wondering exactly what a smart home is? Smart homes are when you have technology within your home that allows you to monitor it and control it from your phone or computer.

Picture this. You leave home for the weekend, reach your destination and then can’t remember if you locked the door. Or, maybe you think you left the lights on or the thermostat set way too high for the house being empty for the weekend. If you have a smart home it’s not a problem. You can use your phone to lock the doors, turn off the lights, turn down the thermostat and keep an eye on your house. It’s technology at its best. If you are ready to get started here are 10 devices to add to your home to convert it into a smart home.

1.Smart outlets

A smart outlet helps you turn any device that needs to be plugged in into a smart device. If you are going to be out late for dinner you can keep a lamp plugged into the outlet and turn it on before you get home right from your smart phone. TP Link Smart Plug is the perfect example, but there are other options on the market.

2.Smart lock

A smart lock helps you keep your house secure. You can lock and unlock your door from your phone or computer. You can use this if you forget to lock your doors. But, you can also use it to let contractors into your home while you are at work. You have full access to who has access to your home. You can even use it if you are feeding the baby and don’t want to get up to open the door for the sitter. The Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt is a highly reviewed smart lock.

3.Smart security camera

You no longer need to pay a security company to keep an eye on your house. There are many security cameras that you can purchase and install on your own to protect your home. There are cameras built for indoor and outdoors that are weatherproofed. You can even find a camera that will text or email you when motion is detected.

4.Smart garage door controller

There are garage door controllers on the market, like the Chamberlain MyQ Garage, that allow you to close or open your garage door remotely. You can also use it to turn on the lights in your house when you pull into the garage.

5.Smart thermometer probe

This might not be for your house, but it’s something you enjoy while at home. The Weber iGrill Mini will actually alert you when your meat on the grill reaches your desired temperatures. No more burnt burgers or well-done steak. You can enjoy the party and still cook the meat perfectly.

6.Smart smoke alarm

Are you tired of dealing with your smoke alarm during false alarms? Or, do you worry about your house when you are away? Smart smoke alarms can be created using the Roost 9-volt smart battery. It will alert you to danger and allow you to turn off the alarm from anywhere.

7.Smart light switch

The Wemo Light Switch, and many others on the market allow you to turn your lights on and off remotely. Many work with Amazon Alexa. This is a great way to save on electricity by not having lights on when you don’t need them to be, but still being able to come home to a house with lights on.

8.Smart thermostat

Are you sure that your family is turning up your thermostat when you are at work all day? Or you need full control over the temperature in your house when you are on vacation? Either way, a smart thermostat, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, will help you do just that.

9.Smart bulbs

Another option for control over your home lighting is with a smart bulb. You can remotely control turning the lights on or off, and even dimming them. Full control of your lights from anywhere! Make sure you find one that is Energy Star certified to save on your utility bills.

10.Personal assistant

You’ve probably noticed the commercials for Alexa on TV. To finish off your smart home transformation you need a voice-controlled personal assistant to help you out around the house. Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most popular and it is compatible with the vast majority of smart home products. You can use it to control your doors, lights, temperature, and more.

If you’ve been sitting back and waiting to see what all this “smart home” stuff is about, it’s time to get started.


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