​​How to Unpack During Your First Week in Your New Home


So you’ve moved all your belongings to a new home: Now what? Here’s a guide on how to unpack once the moving truck has reached its destination.

Inventory Your Boxes Right Away

One of the very first things you should do following a move is check all of your boxes and belongings to make sure that nothing is missing or damaged. Getting refunds or tracking down lost items can be a slow, time-consuming process in many cases. The sooner you learn about any problems, the sooner you can seek a resolution with your moving company or other parties.

Check Out Your New Place and Utilities

Ideally, your new utilities will all be in place and ready to go before you have moved end, but this doesn’t always happen. So check your water, Internet, electricity, gas, and more to make sure it is all operating effectively. Contact utility companies immediately if not, because you need at least power and water to truly move in.

Along with this step, it’s a good idea to check out your new place. Examine the state of the house, look for any signs of damage, and note if anything needs to be re-cleaned before you actually start moving stuff in. This is a good idea even in new houses and apartments.

Move in the Necessities

This step on how to unpack applies for moving items from the truck yourself: It’s a good idea to get larger items and necessities into the house first. Number one, this clears up room to navigate toward smaller boxes. Number two, many of the larger items are vital, such as mattresses and furniture.

If your belongings have been moved into the house for you, locate these necessities first and check to make sure they are in the right (temporary) spots.

Check On Your Mail

Has your mail forwarding worked? It’s time to check, so head down to your mailbox and see what you’ve got. If something went wrong, you need to know about it quickly so you can make some calls and find a fix.

Know Where Your Vital Boxes are, and Unpack Them First

Your vital or necessary boxes are those that have important items for normal home life. This includes your bedding materials, your hygiene materials, wireless routers, any important kitchen tools and dinnerware, appliances you need to make coffee/heat the house, etc., and the clothing you will need for the next few days – among plenty of other important things.

Yes, you can live on pizza and paper for a few days, but it’s still important to target these important items ASAP and get them set up pronto to make the space livable. This is why labeling is so important!

Take Care of the Legal Stuff

Within the first few days of moving in, you want to check up on all the necessary legal stuff that comes with moving to a new area. This includes changing your contact information for all important accounts, updating your drivers license, registering to vote, registering kids at a new school, and much more. Do it now so you don’t have to worry later.

Set a Deadline for No Boxes

A problem many people have after a move is that living out of a boxes is a tough habit to break. Break it by setting a firm deadline for getting rid of all boxes. Set it about a month out to give you enough time to get moved in and find necessary storage – this is how you unpack the right way!



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