​​Go Green with Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

green with eco friendly moving boxes and packing materials

​​Join the current trend toward protecting the environment by using sustainable products when planning your next move. Recyclable, eco-friendly moving boxes and packing materials can be reused hundreds of times and they will save you money while reducing waste at landfills.

Make the Move with Recyclable Products

Many moving companies are now offering alternative options to consumers that include earth-friendly boxes and materials that can be recycled and reused multiple times. These unique products include heavy-duty green plastic moving bins that are available in a variety of sizes. Strong and sturdy, the eco-friendly moving boxes can be easily stacked and handled by movers. You can rent sustainable, earth-friendly packing bins from local and nationwide moving companies, which include EZBins.com, FrogBox.com, and RentAGreenBox.com.

Consumers have the option of picking up the recyclable green moving boxes or having the company deliver them directly to their homes for packing. You may also have the option of ordering the eco-friendly green boxes online for shipment. Features of these innovative packing bins include a lockable latch that helps to keep the lid secure and protect the contents of the box during a move. You can easily attach a descriptive label to each box as you pack in the contents to keep track of everything.

Unlike traditional cardboard moving boxes that can get wet, eco-friendly plastic bins provide a strong protective outer shell that helps to shield the contents from moisture. The green moving bins cannot get crushed like cardboard boxes and provide added peace-of-mind and protection for your valuables. After you move into your new home and unpack, the moving company will pick up the eco-friendly plastic bins. There is no need to break down used cardboard boxes to bring to the landfill.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes

Sustainable, recyclable moving materials are the better choice when it comes to packing your valuables. There are many benefits of going the route of using heavy-duty plastic green bins.

  • There is no need to search for and purchase traditional cardboard boxes for packing.
  • Renting eco-friendly plastic moving bins is less expensive than buying cardboard boxes.
  • Options for receipt of eco-friendly boxes include local pickup or delivery and online ordering.
  • Traditional cardboard boxes can get dirty and wet and are easily crushed.
  • Heavy-duty recyclable plastic boxes are water resistant and keep your valuables dry.
  • Green plastic moving boxes are stronger than cardboard and can hold heavier items.
  • There is no waste to deal with after unpacking as you rent and return the recyclable boxes.
  • No trees were cut down to manufacture and produce eco-friendly plastic moving bins.
  • Eco-friendly moving materials are made from sustainable resources and can be recycled.

Use Sustainable Packing Materials to Protect Valuables

Options for protecting your valuables during a move include the use of sustainable packing materials manufactured from renewable resources. Most consumers are accustomed to using bubble wrap and peanuts made from petroleum-based products, which are toxic to the environment. When these types of products are discarded at landfills, they take a long time to break down and can negatively impact the surrounding environment.

Alternative, greener solutions include corrugated padding materials and packing peanuts that originate from more natural resources. These earth-friendly products are manufactured using a variety of resources such as corn starch and cellulose-based materials. Biodegradable stretch film available from HomeDepot.com is an eco-friendly moving product you can use to secure your items when packing.

Geami.com offers several biodegradable products including paper cushioning and wrapping materials that can be recycled and reused. Sustainable packing materials will protect your valuables from damage during a move and they promote ongoing efforts of reducing waste and helping the environment. When you go green and use eco-friendly products, you will be supporting an earth-friendly practice by recycling.



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